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13 Reasons You Should Live With Your Best Friend

life is so much easier when you live with your best friend…

My best friend Asha and I, have not only travelled together but we are now preparing to live together for a second year.
With our new apartment chosen and awaiting our arrival, I have been reflecting
on why life is so much easier (and A LOT more fun) when you live with you best

1. You never get bored- it’s your
best friend you have a million things you can talk about!
2. There’s always somebody to
watch binge watch (insert girly series here) so you don’t feel as guilty about
wasting the day! Our personal fave is re-watching gossip girl all year.
3. You only need one Netflix
account- sharing is caring after all.
4. You always have a personal chef
who knows what food you like!
5. You have a temporary nurse when
your ill as your best friend will always take care of you (Or at least banish
you to your room with medicine).
6. You have soo many more
clothes/makeup to choose from!


7. You share basically everything
so you save money!
8. Your best friend is your best
friend for a reason, so they’ll probably always bring surprises home- my
personal fave is cake (who needs a boyfriend).
9. You have somebody to motivate you
into being productive (Asha and I are on the same uni course so force each
other to do work – occasionally).
10. You have somebody to predrink (pregame) with whilst getting ready-
everybody needs a bestie to pass them shower shots!

11. You always have somebody to go home with on a night out (safer and
12. You can pretty much walk around naked when you live with your best
friend- trust me Asha does A LOT! #sorrynotsorry
13. You never have to ‘catch up’ because you know the ins and outs of
their life- probably a little too much! (No such thing- right?)


alone is overrated! Everybody should experience living with their best friend!

Have you ever lived with your best friend?  Share your stories below!  
xo Sam