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10 Packing Tips for your Winter Vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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Last New Year’s, my family and I took a vacation to Jackson Hole, WY and snowmobiled in Yellowstone National Park. We were coming from GA so I knew I had to pack warm clothes. Southerners are pathetic when it comes to cold temperatures.  Yellowstone was such a magical experience!


Packing before the trip, I had to dig in my closet for the warmest items I owned then realized I had to go out and buy a few new things.

Here are my tips to surviving a cold vacation (but an incredibly awesome one)…

  1. Get a durable, roomy suitcase! One that has compression technology and is lightweight. Plus you can get a carry on, which is perfect for the kids to pack their clothes in and help pull through the airport.
  2. Pack your go-to pieces for that season so you won’t have to try and figure out what to wear everyday.
  3. Buy a warm jacket and bring a few warm scarves (it will spruce up any outfit and you know you have plenty laying around).
  4. If you know you’re going to be out and about, I’d recommend buying some Under Armour cold weather gear. It will keep you warm without all the bulk of sweaters on top of sweaters.
  5. Bring waterproof ski pants even if you don’t plan on skiing. They will keep you warm walking around and playing in the snow (no matter what age you are, it’s always fun to play in).
  6. Bring something to cover your ears and/or head and gloves! Your fingers will thank you.
  7. Buy Space Bag Travel Bag Sets. These bags will squish all your bulky clothes down to nothing and surprisingly doesn’t leave too many wrinkles.
  8. Pack your shoes in the crevices of your clothes; just wedge them right in there – the middle and outside areas.
  9. Always pack your toiletries in a separate bag, so they don’t bust on your clothes.
  10. Bring a good book for the airplane and those relaxing down times. And click here for some more book recommendations.

Pro Tip: I highly recommend snowmobiling while you are out there! These pictures don’t do the scenery justice.

It was -44 degrees when we started, brrrrrr!
Moose Falls in Yellowstone