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10 Countries with Unique Wedding Gift Traditions

Destination weddings are so much fun, but even more so when they take you abroad! If you’re traveling for a wedding abroad in the upcoming months, it may be beneficial to learn more about the country and culture you’re traveling to. Experience your loved one’s biggest moment and a whole new culture while you’re at it. 

Weddings in the US are known for being top-notch and extravagant in some cases, but other countries boast very unique traditions. From France to Sudan, couples all over the world welcome their new marriage with special gifts and mementos. For example, in Sudan, it’s common for only married women to wear perfume. Leading up to a woman’s wedding, her relatives spend time mixing traditional perfume for her to wear. 

In Mexican weddings, a traditional “money dance” occurs where friends and family pay to dance with the bride and groom. If you’re attending a wedding in Mexico, you’ll want to have some cash on hand so you don’t miss out on that tradition!

In China, you’ll also want to have cash ready to stuff into red envelopes for the Hongbao tradition. Just make sure that you don’t include an amount with the number 4 in it as that is seen as unlucky. The red color or the envelopes, however, symbolizes good luck. 

Among the more bizarre wedding gifts, are cuckoo clocks in Germany and wedding ducks in South Korea. Other traditions include fruit, linens, and flowers. No matter how you celebrate love, experiencing a new culture is one of the most rewarding things to gain from your travels. 

Learn more about the lovely traditions around the world. The visual below from Zola walks through traditional wedding gifts from ten fantastic countries and explains why these gifts are so special to the couples they celebrate.