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One Year After My Proposal: Here is What I’ve Learned

If you guys noticed from my instagram pictures, I just got married!! France was ahhhhmazing! It was the best trip ever and I can’t wait to continue sharing our travel and wedding photos with y’all.  I think one of the highlights was being called BrideChilla by wedding planner. Goals.  It’s been a little over a year since my proposal so I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned from one bride to another about this process! Not only from my personal experience as a bride and being engaged but from attending and being on the other side also. I was in a sorority, at a college that was out of state, and then lived 3,000 miles away from home in California where I made some pretty amazing friends! With all those girlfriends came weddings and parties and showers galore. I’ve been in 10 or so weddings so far. #professionalbridesmaid Plus one of my good friends is a wedding photographer and has soooo much advice on this subject too!

One Year After My Proposal: Here is What I’ve Learned

paris wedding france

paris wedding france

paris wedding france

paris wedding france

Do whatever you want!

Literally, this is as simple as I can say it.  The only opinion that matters is yours and your fiancé.  People will ask a TON of questions so be prepared.  It gets a little robotic after awhile.  People will also give you their opinions without you even asking. LOL Everyone has an opinion about what you want to do or how you want to do it, so stay strong and remember it’s about you and the love of your life! It’s about your special day you’re sharing with the most important person in your life.  Don’t let the pressure or “traditions” weigh on you.

I eloped to France and had a small family ceremony / bon voyage party back home in Atlanta for our parents so everyone could be included.  Not everyone agreed with what we did and certainly a lot of people had opinions about it but the bottom line was that it made us happy and it’s what we wanted to do. Hello happily ever after!

You don’t have to plan a big wedding to be happy. You don’t even have to plan a wedding.  There are so many other options out there. Eloping, heading to the courthouse, having a destination wedding, or using a company that literally does everything for you for a fee of $900 and all you have to do is show up.  Just remember to do whatever you want!

Spend your money where it counts. If it stresses you out, then leave it out.

If you decide to have a wedding or a party remember to spend your money where it counts. Having a small ceremony and a destination wedding sounds ideal in my opinion. Make sure to put your money in the details. Don’t think little details like napkins, but in the details that are going to last a lifetime- like photography.  Why spend any money if you don’t have beautiful images from your special day? Obviously I will forever and always recommend Jennifer Oetting Photography because she traveled to France with us just to capture the images above! She’s MAGIC!

Please don’t spend a ton of money on invitations that people throw in the trash. Spend your money where it counts, like on a nice bouquet (notice I didn’t say flowers everywhere). Think anything or any detail that will last beyond the day.  Use that fancy napkin money for a nice Cartier bracelet or a Rolex or a LV purse or a trip to France or a new car or a downpayment on a house…you get the point. These are things that last forever. It’s about having fun with your friends and family and celebrating love. It’s not about who has the biggest wedding venue or how many lights your DJ has. You’re making memories and creating life long moments with your favorite people and partner in life. Which brings me to my next point.  Make sure the day is about you and your husband or partner.  It’s not about everyone else, like your moms 5th cousin or your dads business partner from 20 years ago that gets to bring a guest at a $100 per plate dinner. Reign it in. Be realistic. You’re not a show pony.

Please be a bridechilla not a bridezilla.

Try to minimize how many showers you have. Consolidate them all if you can so your friends and bridesmaids don’t feel like they’re spending a lot of time and money on you. If you have 17 different parties every weekend for the next 3 months then you’re bound to irritate some people and seem a bit selfish. Sorry I said it!

Don’t unfriend your friends if they can’t make one of your parties. They love you and are doing their best to show support in their own busy life. Yes, I’ve actually had this happen to me.

Don’t forget how much time, effort, and money your friends are spending to be apart of your big day and celebrate you. If you need more help than you can handle you can always hire someone. Insert wedding planner here. Also, a day of coordinator is key if you are having a wedding. Its something that can make or break your entire day.

Bling Bling! Holy smokes you just got a diamond ring!!! Make sure to take care of it!

I can’t stress this enough. That little beauty on your finger is a big deal! It was a huge purchase so make sure to take care of it. That ring comes with a lot of responsibility.  Not only was it a large financial purchase but it has a lot of emotional and sentimental value.

Step 1. Get the right jewelry coverage for your diamond ring. Have peace of mind knowing that Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company specializes solely in jewelry. You get an extra level of protection that often goes beyond what may be covered by typical homeowners or renter’s insurance.  If you want to wear and enjoy your ring without worry. Jewelers Mutual has been exclusively insuring jewelry for more than 100 years and offers repair or replacement coverage for all types of jewelry and watches. Coverage includes loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance (unexplained loss), and goes with you wherever you travel around the world. Hello, worry-free honeymoon!

Step 2. While your first step after getting engaged should be getting your ring insured, you want to make sure it never loses its sparkle. Follow Jewelers Mutual’s comprehensive cleaning and care guide for your daily, weekly, monthly to-dos! Trust me, they know how to keep your diamond ring safe and sparkling for years to come.  I recommend carrying around the bling brush in your purse. It’s an amazing little cleaning brush that wipes on your ring and shines it up immediately! I use it all the time!

This Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Cleaning and Care Guide is a lifesaver and a definite must!  Make sure to download it!

What are your tips for newly engaged couples or people planning a wedding? Let me here it!!!



Photos by Jennifer Oetting Photography 

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