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Winter is rough but it doesn’t mean your skin should be

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If you missed our last post about our girls night at The Plaza, you know during NYFW it was frrrreeeezing in NYC. Like 1 degree cold. Winter in NY is brrrrutal! Plus while traveling and drinking your body can get super dehydrated. Not cool. I noticed my skin was starting to get dry so I made sure to incorporate my Dove White Beauty Bar into my daily beauty routine! It didn’t help that I was prancing around in a skirt in 1 degree weather, so trust me that I needed some extra help. Dove White Beauty Bar contains skin natural lipids that help replenish the skin! Saved!
NYFW 2016


But getting ready in a bathroom like this, I didn’t mind at all. This is only a third of the giant bathroom suite.  Y’all should have seen the shower!  The bathroom was gorgeous all the way down to the marble tile and gold detailing.  It was amazing brilliant! (The brit I was with told me that Americans say ‘amazing’ too much and in England they prefer brilliant.)  

But regardless of what bathroom I’m in or where I’m staying one thing is always constant and that is my cleanser.  It’s the key to my winter skin care routine and I have to share it with y’all!  You always need to start with a great cleanser and my go to is Dove!  I use a variety of Dove products… literally everything (cough cough their dry shampoo is legit and smells divine), but I’ve really grown fond of the Dove White Beauty Bars.
Let’s face it… winter skin needs extra care.  Yes, I moisturize everyday but really it starts with choosing the right cleanser.  Luckily Dove is not a soap and is proven to be more gentle and mild than soap because it contains DEFI technology, a unique blend of mild cleansers, and 1⁄4 moisturizing cream for soft, smooth and more radiant skin.  I love that it’s mild enough for my face too!  Bonus: the two pack shown here is only $3.79!  The girls were going crazy over the Dove White Beauty Bars and brought home everything we didn’t use because they are that obsessed with it.  You’re welcome. 

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Leaving the good life at The Plaza was totes miz but at least my skin wasn’t!  That amazingly gorgeous rose water with my Dove White Beauty Bar was the perfect bath my skin needed!


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