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You’re saying it’s safe for me to do microdermabrasion on myself? + GIVEAWAY

pmd microdermabrasion at home personal microderm

Some nights you just need a “me” night and tonight is that night. I can’t wait to try out my new PMD Personal Microderm. I’m a little nervous to try it on myself without having a “professional” do it but I’m ready to give it a try. Usually I like to just jump in and not read directions but since it’s my face, I felt like this is an important step to NOT leave out. So I followed instructions and read the card that was included in the package and ALSO watched this super informative video.  It’s a must!

Now, I will say I have been blessed with good skin and have tried to keep a good routine every night by washing my face, using toner and moisturizing with lotion (my mom and mamaw like to pass down their good quality products). But I have noticed over the past few years (well really when I hit 30) some hyperpigmentation from all my summer sun bathing days that it was time to take better care of my skin. Plus wrinkles are no doubt starting to develop, let’s say no to Botox for now. 
I’m new to PMD Personal Microderm but just after one treatment, I can tell that it’s going to help make my skin and pores smoother and hoping it will help with my hyper-pigmentation (it’s too early to tell but I’ll report back and update this post.) So what I’m saying here is that you don’t have to have a “certain” skin type to use PMD Personal Microderm, it’s good for all skin types – good and not so good. I’m hoping if I start taking better care of my skin now, when I’m 90, I’ll look 21 (ha) but you get the point. 
Here’s my condensed version of the steps and what I experienced:
  1. Read instructions and watch video. 
  2. Wash face and pat dry with a towel, face must be completely dry.
  3. The PMD Personal Microderm is already set up for the beginner level, test out on your arm and this will give you a sense of how the vacuum works and how much pressure to apply. You don’t have to push down hard.  There are different disks that you can build your skin up to depending on your skin sensitivity.

    You can barely see the test strip.
  4. Pull your skin taut and move UPWARD with the PMD Personal Microderm (gravity brings your skin down so when you cleanse and moisturize your skin always work in an upward motion). DO NOT go over the same area twice. I did see streaks from where the vacuum was on my skin and you’re tempted to go back over the area but I refrained.
  5. Rinse cap and O disk and let dry.
  6. Apply toner.
  7. Apply lotion. 
My face is a little tingly but it already looks smoother. I know, I know…hard to believe but it really does. I can’t wait to add this in my routine every 5-7 days and see how it improves my face. I mean, I’m 31 and need my face looking good for years to come! Plus I love how you can re-use the disks a few times so you don’t have to throw each one out after each use.
Also, check out the media buzz and the reviews, people already swear by it. I’m a believer on day 1!
If you want more information on PMD and what it does, read below…if you’re ready to give it a try, I’m THRILLED to give you a promo code to get a 15% discount on your very own personal PMD. Just use code gold15.Enter for your chance to win here!!
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Let me know what you think about PDM and how it’s improved your skin!
*Sponsored post but all opinions are my own.