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Why I Impulse Vacation



When I’m having a hard time in my
life, I buy plane tickets. The best life advice I have received from my mom has been “just throw
some money at it, it’ll go away”, trust me it works. (Think creditors, shoes
and bookies)  My bank account doesn’t appreciate
the “post break-up dip” but whatever… my closet, instagram page, and memory do.
Last year my bf of two years and I broke
up and 2 days later I was on a plane to Hawaii with a friend. It was an amazing
get away. Who doesn’t want to hop a plane with 36 hours’ notice to paradise? To
summarize my vacation in 50 words or less (because I know you don’t care) I laid
on the beach, ate great food and watched some amazing sunsets by the water. All
while getting an amazing tan.
Last year’s break-up and Hawaii trip spiraled
a summer vacations worth of amazing travel. -I don’t regret a single purchase. We went everywhere! I went to the ATL, Hamptons (twice!!!), NYC, and
LA/Laguna beach. I lived out of a carry-on suitcase for 3 months. It was the
best 3 months of my life. In between all of that I managed to work and go to
school. (Like wtf? who has a job in the summer? #endlesssummer #summervacation)

My impulse travel has become such a
pattern relative to my break-up schedule that recently when I posted photos of
myself last minute in New Orleans my aunt called my mom to find out if my
boyfriend and I were together still. (We aren’t, he’s an idiot.) Nothing like a
good break-up shock to make you excited about being in in Louisiana. (No one
offered me a trip to Hawaii this break up, I guess I get out of relationships
too quickly!)

So, next time you see me posting
random fun adventure photos know that it’s because a some f-boy and I just stopped
seeing one another. Otherwise I am contently dating someone or everyone here in
SF. Feel free to post encouraging things on my insta along the way like “he’s
an idiot” or “I know someone who could have him killed…” ya know those sorts of
Incase you missed our most recent post about Travel 101: Top 10 Must have Carry-ons well what are you waiting for go read it now! I for one always forget something but this list totally simplifies it.
What would make you want to impulse vacation?
How do you get over a break-up? This post was supposed to be about Hawaii but I
wrote about myself… #whatever.
*all gifs on this post are courtesy of reality tv gifs, b/c gotta give credit where credit is due, and T.Kyle is amaz.