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Weekend Beauty Travel Essentials

Before you start packing for your weekend travel plans, check out my essentials to ensure you arrive looking flawless for a fabulous weekend!

Whether you’re day tripping or enjoying a long weekend away, packing a few essential items can save time, stress and minimize over packing. Especially if you’re flying, having a cluttered bag full of unnecessary items can create a chaotic day searching for items buried in your bag. Try to clean out and organize your purse before travel so you have easy access to items you will be using throughout the day. 
I like to apply just tinted moisturizer like Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue or ELF BB cream when I’m traveling; my face tends to get oily so I prefer to travel without a full face of makeup, just something to hydrate my skin.  Face wipes like Neurtrogena’s Makeup Removers are a must when traveling, I like to do a quick clean wipe of my face to remove any dirt and oil before reapplying my makeup when I reach my destination. 
Traveling can leave you dehydrated with puffy tired eyes, so I always travel with my newest obsession Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream. A few swipes under my eyes and I immediately look refreshed, not like I’ve been traveling all day. The first time I tried this product I was amazed how fast it depuffed and made me look refreshed.  
I like to wear a hat when traveling, stylish and functional a hat keeps me from having to worry about doing my hair pre travel and I can always use it to block sun in my eyes on a plane or in a car. 
Trying to eat healthy while traveling can be extremely difficult, so I always make sure I have some healthy snacks in my bag to munch on so I wont be tempted to browse the sweets and junk food aisles. I love the Kind popped dark chocolate and sea salt bars being they are pretty low in sodium and sugar… oh and have chocolate in them!
If you want a little color for your trip but have no time (or like me, can’t get a tan without burning, #gingerprobs) the L’Oreal Sublime Bronze tanning towels are great for a natural tan. They also have an aersol spray option I rarely leave home for the weekend without, just in case I need a little extra color (which is usually always the case). 
When cleaning out my purse before traveling, I try to pack only the makeup I will need for the outfits I am bringing. I love tinted moisturizers that give a little pop of color while also keeping my lips from drying out while traveling. I tend to always carry a bright coral color (bright lip colors make you look more awake if your tired from your travels) and a deeper berry color in case I want a darker lip with a lighter dress. I love the NYX brand at Ulta, I think I’ve tried almost every product they have and am rarely ever dissapointed. 
Lastly, you can’t have a weekend getaway without a pair of cute and comfy Oka-B flip flops! These are perfect to pair with a bright Spring dress or romper while enjoying the warmer weather. 
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Hope my travel essentials can help you have a fabulous stress free weekend getaway! 
Have any weekend essentials you can’t live without that I missed? Let me know in the comments below! 


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