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VGB Blog Dog Bailey Turns 12! 6 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday!

dog birthday

Wow, time flies when you have a great best friend by your side! My four legged buddy turned 12 today and I had to celebrate! He has been by my side through some serious tough times, extreme highs and everything in between.

If you read my bio on Bailey on VGBdogs, you know how I snuck him into my life. You know what a huge part of my life he is, and since he is my dude (sorry Taylor… I love you… you’re my man!) I always like to celebrate his birthday.

Last year, I bought him 11 stuffed animals. He loves his stuffed animals! I can always tell which ones are his favorites because those are the ones he doesn’t rip apart. If the eyes, nose, ears, tail, and squeaker stay…you’re in the wolf pack! Each stuffed animal that has made it, has a name. We have Walter, Jessie, Olivia, Lovey, Puffin to name a few. Don’t judge me… it became a family game of who wants to name the next one!?

This year we bought him treats, bones, a monster stuffed animal, and of course we got the streamers and confetti! I’m not sure he knows what is going on, but to see his nub wagging super fast let’s me know he is happy and excited. If I can make him feel special for any amount of time, I’m doing it.

Here are 6 Ways to Celebrate Your Dogs Big Day!

1. Take him on a car ride to the park.

Two joys in one?! What could be better? The wind in his/her face and then a bountiful run to get their energy out with new scenery. Its a win-win!

2. Bake an edible dog cake.

I always buy mine from a boutique in East Nashville, but you can always use safe ingredients from home. Follow this link for some ideas. Watching your dog eat it is a delight!

3. Take a Hike!

If your dog is in shape, this is a great way to spend a doggie birthday.

4. Go to a Dog Park.

What better way to spend your special day than with some furry friends?!

5. Snuggle!

What is better honestly? On average humans only spend 20 minutes a day giving their dog full attention. Please, please let’s change that statistic. Spend some cuddle time with the one that loves you most.

6. Take them on a pet friendly vacay!

You can read more about our amazing beach vacation here!


Bailey has had a pretty awesome 12 years, and I hope he has many more years to come. Happy Birthday Bailey, cheers to you!

He would like to make a shout out to his Grammy and Papa Bear! xoxo

Bailey dog friendly beach vacation

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