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About Bailey

If you know me at all, you know that my life pretty much revolves around my dog, Bailey. I wake up with him snuggled against my back and start my day off by walking him. I leave my office around lunch time to go see him. I make sure before any additional plans are made in the evening, I head home to see him first. Every daily activity is planned around him and his schedule and there is no exception to that rule when it comes to vacations. I know, I am dog obsessed.


blog dog

Bailey is a Weimaraner, a German bird dog, with a gray coat and amber eyes. He weighs 100lbs, but that doesn’t stop him from crawling into your lap. I have known him since his birth, and took him home at 6 weeks old against many protests from my parents. I was living at home, a sophomore in college, and I played the old school trick of telling each parent that the other agreed to let me have him. I already had my Yorkie, Bear, so bringing another dog into the home was a big deal. My parents will admit, that they fell in love with him, and even Bear approved of the new addition.

Most puppies have accidents. Bailey was the exception, he was the perfect puppy. Poor guy got sick all the time though. In his 11 years on this planet he has battled through Parvo, which was a miracle, survived a two story jump from an outdoor balcony, pulled so many muscles, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and hip dysplasia. He is a trooper and trust me, I have given him the best medical care available. My bank account will attest to that! My mom always says, you work to make sure your dogs have a good life. I do, and I always will. I love animals, dogs especially. I will do everything in my power to make sure they have a good, healthy, long life.

Bailey grew up with his brother Teddy Bear. They were inseparable and it warmed my heart to see them sleep side by side or cuddled up. They ate together, played together, followed me around the house together. I truly believe Bailey is so amazing because Bear laid the groundwork. I’ve heard nightmare stories of Weimaraners and their separation anxiety. They rip houses apart waiting on their owner to return. Not Bailey, he had his buddy Bear and together they were my pack. Sadly, Bear passed away August 2015. I laid in bed at night for months snuggled up to Bailey and he would lay his head on my chest as I sobbed. In the middle of the night I would wake up to Bailey shaking and whimpering and I would wake him up and squeeze him until we would finally both fall asleep. I’ve never seen a physical reaction like that from the sadness of an animal. It still breaks my heart to this day, but it reminds me the depth of animals and their emotions. It’s part of why I love him with all of my being.

My huge cuddle buddy is clumsy, oh my goodness so clumsy. I have endless stories of his falls, bumps, slides, and crashes. He is lovable, kind, and oh so very very lazy. I have to wake him up in the morning and at night to get him to go outside. He’s like a teenager begging me to let him sleep. Although I do not have any children, he is definitely preparing me if I ever do. Other than his endless snuggle positions, one of my favorite things is when he paws at me to get up from where I am sitting. The “pay attention to me and take me to bed” is a sweet moment that shows me the depth of our communication. It’s priceless. Oh and if I get him riled up enough, he will say “Momma!”

Needless to say, he is my best friend. I strongly encourage every reader that has the capability, not only financially but emotionally, to adopt a dog. Show them love and kindness and let them brighten your world. Of course I strongly recommend Weimaraners and Yorkshire Terriers but to each their own. Study their behavior habits and heritage to see what best suits you and your lifestyle.

To follow some of Bailey’s adventures be sure to add @vgbdogs to your Instagram account!


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