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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Vail, Colorado

the ultimate travel guide to vail, colorado

Cold weather, snow, mountain views, hot tubs, scrumptious food, and village shopping… all the things that make a snow bunnies dream come true. Ady and I recently visited Vail, Colorado to open our winter with a BANG and I must say it was one of the best trips of my life!

I had a lot going on at home and needed a long break. I haven’t taken a vacation other than a long weekend in quite a few years so when I thought, “Where in the United States do I want to go the most?”….well this snow chick picked Vail, Colorado. Then my next thought was, who would I want to take with me? First thing that came to my mind was the person who makes me laugh the most, Ady. Ady has been my best friend since 4th grade and there is no other person in this world that I feel more comfortable with so she had to come with me. Getting her to take a break from her hectic busy schedule would be the tough part. No, no it wasn’t. She said “YES” immediately and we started to plan our trip.

vail colorado ski travel blog city guide

We’ve put together the ultimate travel guide to Vail, Colorado so pack your bags! We hope you love it as much as we did!

What To Do

the ultimate travel guide to vail, colorado

We had quite a few adventures on our bucket list which included skiing, tubing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, riding a roller coaster on top of Eagle’s Nest Mountain, ice skating, and swimming in the snow! I had to do a lot of research to figure out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to do it. I saved you time and effort by narrowing down the best options to check out when you’re in Vail!

One of my favorite experiences was swimming in the pool during a snow storm at our resort, and making night trips to the hot tub underneath the stars and snow covered trees. But let’s be honest, you could sit in your hotel room with the window open and feel the magic of this city.

Not into activities…maybe into more of the shopping scene? Let me help you out there. Vail is linked by three gorgeous base areas filled with endless restaurants, shopping, and après ski hot spots. Our favorite was Lionshead Village! There is a complimentary transportation shuttle that runs all day to these villages and well into the night. This allows you to get from spot to spot without the hassle of driving a car around. If you aren’t familiar or comfortable with driving in the snow, this is a huge benefit. Fun fact: the streets are heated!

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eat food vail colorado travel blog travel guide

Where To Eat

Let’s talk about food now. I mean, the exercise you get with the activities really builds up an appetite and we narrowed down our favorite food options to our top 7 picks. We mainly stayed and ate at Lionshead Village but there are a ton of great options!

Garfinkel’s and Tavern on the Square are the perfect aprés ski spots! They are located at the bottom of the slopes at Lionshead Village and have a great atmosphere! I can’t go anywhere without getting a sweet treat, coffee, or a hot chocolate so Rimini and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory were my go to stops!

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vail colorado ski travel blog city guide

Where To Stay

We recommend staying at the base of your favorite mountain! Lionshead or Vail Village would be ideal so you can watch the skiers come down the slopes in the morning with your coffee.  We stayed at The Marriott which was just a short drive or shuttle ride to the slopes. Make sure your hotel has a hot tub and windows with a view! There is nothing better than looking out your window at the snow covered mountains watching the snow come down while you’re cuddled up drinking your coffee in front of the fireplace! We loved getting in the hot tub at night under the falling snow.  After a long day skiing being able to sit back and relax and just enjoy the moment with some friends that I call family was the best.

the ultimate travel guide to vail, colorado

Vail is truly a magical place. I could feel my heart grow and I hope I never forget the happiness and the fullness of my heart in those moments. Vail was breathtaking and one of my favorite trips of all time! I strongly recommend you look into traveling there and trying some of the fun activities it has to offer. Even without the activities, the scenery is enough to make the visit worth wild! I wish I could live there and it is my goal to at least get in a commuting distance to this little piece of Heaven on Earth. It allows you to relax your  mind and rejuvenate your soul. Being able to experience it with Ady and her husband Mike, made the experience even better. Grab your best friend, save this post, and go to Vail! I promise, it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

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