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Most Important Things to Pack for a Trip

Travel Necessities For Your Next Trip

Plan outfits

Spring break, warm holidays and weekends away are all drawing near as the weather starts to clear up, and we are so ready to pack up and go somewhere to relax. And while we’re all busy trying to pick the perfect spot at the perfect time without blowing our budget, the part that everyone either loves or hates – packing – is at the back of our mind. To make sure you don’t forget an essential item or put yourself in a situation with “nothing to wear”, here are some tips to make sure you’re all set:

Plan outfits

Don’t just take a bunch of your favorite items and chuck them in your bag, because you won’t have the luxury of pairing them with anything you want from your closet when you’re away. Pick out a few bottoms of various styles and lengths and then pair each of them with a top. If you’ll have access to a washing machine, make sure you’re cross-matching the clothing so that a top can go with more than just one bottom and vice-versa. If you love wearing dresses, you’ll plan your outfits easier, but still, make sure that what you’re bringing is what you’d actually wear at home and that you can wear a dress to several occasions by dressing it up or down. If you’ve planned some activities like hiking, make sure you’re bringing the appropriate clothing, but also try to factor in those clothes with the rest of your everyday wear, because there’s no reason you shouldn’t wear it on other days as well.


Is there anything worse on a trip than bringing along the perfect dress you plan to wear a lot and then realizing you forgot to pack the correct bra to wear with it? Your undergarments are the building blocks of every look, and without the right ones, your body can get misshapen or your clothes just won’t sit right. If you’re bringing a tight dress for a night out, make sure to pack seamless underwear; for an off-the-shoulder shirt, you’ll want a strapless bra and always bring more than one pair of stockings so that you can swap one out when they rip – and we all know they will. Also, make sure you have the right height of socks for any shoes you’ll bring along because there’s nothing that can ruin a style quicker than the wrong colored socks sticking out from your shoes.


You never know what can happen, and while you shouldn’t panic over all of the what-if’s, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. Bring along a small first aid kit with a few kinds of medicine for common illnesses, like painkillers and antibiotics. Bring a sunburn-soothing cream and some band-aids. You can buy anything from a toothbrush to a comb wherever you’re traveling, but bring your own makeup and any products that your skin is used to. You also want to have a little extra money that you don’t intend to spend, but that could come useful. Have a dedicated spot for your passports or any important documents, and when you get to your hotel room, put them in your safe.


If you’re going to a place where you intend to spend all of your time exploring and fill it with activities, you might not need to bring along any kind of entertainment. But if it’s a relaxing holiday where you intend to sunbathe and just relax, then bringing along something to keep you entertained is a good idea. For starters, this time can be the perfect opportunity to read that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table or bring a laptop and binge on your favorite TV show. If it’s a group of friends or a family going, then bringing a board game or any kind of party game will give you a fun way to spend your evenings when you’re not going out.

Packing doesn’t have to be a stressful thing, and if you make a list ahead of time, it can be even easier. Make sure you think in advance about how much luggage space you have and plan accordingly, but even with unlimited space stick to the rule of bringing along only what you can carry yourself.


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