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Helena Mercantile could you be any cuter?


Hey Boos, Jennifer here. If anybody is counting this is my second blog post so I am basically a pro now, no autographs please. One of the things that I really want to accomplish with this blogging gig is to showcase some of the great people/places/things Alabama has to offer to cancel out all of the not so great people/places/things we have to offer (ex. Our Governor/Auburn/Confederate flags- Jk about Auburn its not that bad they did give us Charles Barkley and Tim Cook… and the Apple Watch by extension) One of those people/places/things is Amy Webb, owner of the boutique Helena Mercantile in the cute quaint town of Helena, Alabama. Helena is about 5 minutes from where I grew up and about 15 minutes south of Birmingham. It also happens to be right next door to my parent’s A W E S O M E restaurant The Coal Yard (more on that later)! It is literally the cutest little boutique ever housed in an old remodeled chapel and the architecture definitely reflects the southern boho chic vibe of the boutique. 




They carry TONS of Judith March which is one of my favorite local designers from Alabama, plus a lot of jewelry from local designers as well. As always I could keep babbling about how great Amy and Helena Mercantile are or I could do what I do best and show you! We had such a fun shoot with Amy and our two models aka my hot friend Kelsey (Every time I take her photo I book like 5 gigs because everybody wants to be her and wants me to draw them like one of my French girls… that’s a Titanic joke) and my niece Taylor (the tall leggy blonde is my 13 YEAR OLD niece… I never looked like that in middle school). Check out our shoot in Old Town Helena below and if you are ever in the neighborhood go see Amy you will not be disappointed! Ok bye. Roll tide. 



















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