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Where to Find the Best Wine in Australia



France, Italy and Argentina, please step aside and make some room for the absolute wine-queen among countries, the sunny Australia! All jokes aside, no matter how much you love your European wines, you’ll be equally (if not more) impressed by the versatility of unique tastes found in Australian wines. And what a great excuse to finally go Down Under and take a wine-tasting tour!

Simply put, Australia loves its grapes. You can find some of the finest Shiraz and Rose on virtually every corner, from the bustling cities to the secluded boutique wineries. Just take your pick and enjoy!

Check Out Where to Find the Best Wine in Australia


Surprise, surprise, Aussies have found a way to bask in their marvelous sips on any occasion and only a few clicks away from your home. Or hotel, depending on how lucky you are. In fact, those who plan to party and invite guests will prefer this option to the traditional “taste, then buy”, because of simple convenience, but these sites also ensure a detailed wine description and reviews so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

There are loads of available web stores you can choose from. One of the most beloved ones is Cracka Wines, who offer a wide selection of wine online, from the authentic Tasmanian Chardonnay to the delicious Barossa Shiraz, so that every wine palate will be pleased.

The famous Barossa

While we’re on the subject, this name resonates all over the globe as one of the top picks among wine connoisseurs as well as your average wine-lovers. The Barossa Valley, mere 45 minutes away from Adelaide, is well-known for its Shiraz. In fact, about a half of its vineyards yield to this particular wine, making it their regional expertise.

Makers such as Jacob’s Creek, Yalumba and Earthworks are just some among many reputable names that can give you a taste of a lifetime. This is where some of the most sumptuous, powerful wines are made, with undertones of berries, chocolate mocha and a predominantly earthy tone. If anything, it’s a bottle for the bravest!

Australian wines of Margaret River

If you ever find yourself on the West coast of Australia, make Margaret River one of your main sightseeing spots to visit. You can make your stay all the more interesting with diverse cooking classes mixed in with your traditional wine-tasting tours.

The region is known for its expertise in Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, and the boutique wineries in the area will make you feel welcome and you’ll easily avoid the touristy vibe of many other large-scale producers around Australia. Plus, if you’re a fan of surfing, expect to be dazzled by the Indian Ocean coast that surrounds this humble, but stunning region.

Hunter Valley escape

Talk to any Sydneysider, and they’ll tell you to head straight for Hunter Valley for what will be the best wine adventure of your life! The region, much like so many others in Australia, is not just alluring for its exquisite wines, but for its breathtaking nature, so consider it a privilege to stay in some of their unbelievable resorts and hotels, and a wonderful opportunity for a family vacation.

Treat yourself to Audrey Wilkinson’s Semillon, Harkham Wines’ natural sips or the Bimbadgen Estate’s famously fruity Verdelho, and you will not regret the trip. Hunter is always brimming with opportunities for events, as well, so keep your eyes open for a potential concert during your stay!

The passionate Yarra Valley

Just north of Melbourne, and yet incalculably far away from anything resembling a hectic urban jungle, Yarra Valley is Victoria’s secret (pardon the pun) when it comes to sublime bottles of Pinot Noir. But for those with a sweet tooth, this region is also home to a splendid Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, so you can indulge in all your sweetest sins while simultaneously enjoying some of the most premium wines ever made.

From the rustic and raw décor in the Wild Cattle Creek (who offer free tastings), to the more eclectic corners of Sticks (likewise), Yarra is a treasure trove of versatility that maintains the tastes of its lush Northern Italian grapes while giving them a unique touch of the local climate.