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Transform Your Outdoor Area into Breathtaking Living Spaces with Pergola


We are going to take a timeout when it comes to interior decorating and cute accessory ideas for our interiors and focus on the outdoors! What better way to get a calming, beautiful environment than a Pergola addition. Pergolas are an additional garden feature which forms a shaded walkway or seating area. It’s a marvelous installation which is a present-day trend for all the newly built houses. If you have a dream of possessing an awe-inspiring garden area, then a gorgeous pergola will serve as an asset.

Besides enhancing the appeal of your home, these can turn out to be functional spaces where you can either work, read books, play, practice gardening or perform any other activity amidst the beauty of nature.

Open Top - Pergolas

Open Top – Pergolas

Varieties and Types of Pergola

Pergolas differ in sizes and shapes. It can be extremely small or can spread till kilometers according to the necessity and preferences of the homeowners. It comes in different designs and styles that can be enlisted as:

  1. Gable pergola– These pergolas facet triangular shape peaked roof. Gabled pergolas are eye-catching and facilitates a better water runoff due to its design.
  2. Pitched pergola– These are available in numerous alluring designs and features angled or pitched roofs.
  3. Sail pergolas– As the name suggests, such pergolas offer a stretched sail held between posts as its roofing structure.
  4. Steel pergolas– These pergolas are made of steel which makes it long lasting, beefy and hard wearing.
  5. Solar panel pergolas- Solar panel pergola roof cladding facilitates the capture of solar energy, hence is very useful and efficient. With this, you can make use of the roof area to harness energy from sunlight and use it for lighting that particular area during nights.
  6. Open-top pergolas- Such pergolas miss the roof cladding. It’s airy and can provide better look to the outdoor.

When you are planning to choose the ideal one, you have to realize about your requirements, budget and then take the decision. Just sit back, relax and prepare a list of things that you prioritize and then select the one which is able to satisfy the same.

Decorating and Styling Pergolas

To transform your pergola into an awesome looking living space there are numerous alternatives present to opt for accomplishment of task:

  • Lights- The plan to decorate your outer space with lights ignites your thoughts and ideas. With the availability of varieties of lights in market, you can select the one according to your needs. String lights give a sober look to the posts and pillars of the pergolas, therefore if you love simplicity this will be best. In the case of tall height pergolas, one can go for hanging lanterns or even a chandelier.
  • Plants- A green and nature bent pergola decoration can’t be neglected by anyone as it provides you a positive zeal and freshness. The posts and pillars of the pergola can be surrounded by climbing vines. Hanging plants enhances the beauty of the roof. Potted plants and herbs can also be selected to enhance the beauty of the borders and corners of the space.
  • Fabrics- Use of some decent color curtains will provide an exceptional look to the pergola. Moreover, curtains can give some private space and quixotic dining experience too.

What Is the Significance of Having Pergola in Your House?

With an amplification of work load and population, it becomes hard to find a natural space for oneself. Everyone loves to stay outside to feel some unsullied breeze. Installation of pergolas at your home can prove to be relaxing. Often, we don’t think much about outdoor improvements and concentrate on interiors. I hope this post inspires you to think about your outdoor space.

A pergola in the backyard is an awesome sight. Because an outdoor living space is entertaining and demand of people nowadays. Nothing can be more soothing or satisfactory than to take pleasure of wispy sun light in winters and gentle touch of rainy days after long working hours.