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Our Pool House Reno: The Power of Landscaping

*This post is sponsored by Pike Nurseries but all opinions are my own 


As y’all know, we bought our first fixer upper! We’ve really enjoyed the renovation process and are excited to get it listed and flip it! One of the final steps is landscaping. And let me tell you, it totally changes the entire look of the house and just makes the property look complete and together. I love how it turned out. The only thing we have left is to pressure wash the driveway and it’ll look brand new!


I’ll be honest, fall was a hard time for yard work because of this giant oak tree we have in the front yard. The leaves you guys, oh my gosh, the leaves. There were so many! So first, we trimmed the tree, dug up the dead plants, and trimmed back all the overgrown bushes in the front yard. You can see we had a lot of work to do from the before images.


The landscaping had never been kept up…ever. I mean there were strawberries growing in the front yard and about 10000 ant hills. Thankfully my mother in law, my husband, my mom, myself, and some landscapers all came together to hep. We spent days working on the yard. The burn pile alone was 4 days of burning there was so much debris. It was crazy. I even bought a chain saw to help get down the low hanging limbs and over grown shrubs. Then we had a limb cutter on a pole extender to get the loose limbs out of the tree and clean it up. Eventually we hired a tree company to come in and get the limbs that were too high for us. But we ended up saving quite a bit of money doing a lot of the work ourselves.


After the yard was prepped and clean we headed to Pike Nurseries to make the yard pretty again! I enlisted the help of my mom to help me pick out the proper plants. I don’t have much of a green thumb but I had so much fun at Pike Nurseries looking around. I’ve already picked out a few plants to take home with me to improve my own yard! Check out my Reno Instagram Highlights to see all my favorite plants.

The people at Pike Nurseries were super helpful and so friendly. We got a giant cart and filled it up with all sorts of plants to fill the front yard! We got rose bushes to fill out the left side of the house and will be so pretty when they grow and bloom in the spring. I got a few arborvitaes to go in front of the fence line in the backyard and a few to the side of the house to go in front of the fence and block the neighbors’ view and really anyone’s view to the pool in the backyard. We filled in the front with smaller plants and finished the look off with black mulch.  The only thing left to do is sod the front yard and the house will be brand new!


before and after front yard house for sale marietta

fixer upper pike nurseries


What do y’all think so far? The front yard is a night and day difference. I think it looks so good!


Thanks so much to Pike Nurseries for sponsoring this help and helping me transform our flip house!