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Top Wineries in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Visiting Stellenbosch and wondering where to find the best wineries? If so, I've put together the best wine farms and vineyards to check out in Stellenbosch and South Africa! #SouthAfrica

Planning a trip to South Africa? If so, chances are that safaris and wine-tasting sessions are at the top of your bucket list. Stellenbosch is often dubbed the wine heart of South Africa, and as soon as you step in here, you’ll see exactly why!

Stellenbosch and its surroundings are home to so many wineries that choosing the best isn’t an easy task, so I’ve put together a list of the best vineyards and wine estates to include in your itinerary.

 A winery in Stellenbosch  

Top wineries in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Boschendale Winery

Roughly 18 minutes from Stellenbosch but one of my favorite wineries! Award-winning Franschhoek wine farm, Boschendal, prides itself on 300 years of wine-making. Our Franschhoek winery offers tasting tours, organic eats, and natural beauty. Luxury farm stays, restaurants, champagne sabering, a farm shop, butchery, and the most amazing wine are just a few things Boschendal has to offer. 


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Le Pommier

This winery in Stellenbosch, South Africa is a former apple orchard. A quick 35-minute drive from Cape Town International Airport will get you to the Le Pommier. Since this is a popular winery, I highly recommend you book any wine tastings and tours in advance.

Stellenbosch winery

Meerlust Estate

This is one of the most popular wine brands in the South African winemaking business. The Meerlust Estate is a National Monument and a must-see during your travels in Stellenbosch. 


Waterford Estate

While only half of this 120-acre lot is used for the winery, the owners made this decision to help preserve the natural ecosystem of the land. This means you’ll be able to witness gorgeous plants and natural life at the Waterford Estate when you partake in a wine tour at this estate.

Waterford Estate

Villiera Wines

If you’re in the mood to combine a game drive and a wine-tasting session, Villiera Wines is the way to go! This experiential wine estate offers visitors the unique chance to go on a safari with a glass of wine in hand!

They make a sparkling wine using a similar method used to make champagne and specialize in Cap Classique and have a strong reputation for their Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Merlot, and Cabaret Sauvignon.

Dornier Wines

The winery here tends to try more experimental wine options! Located in the foothills of the mountains in Stellenbosch, Dornier Wines features dining options, wine tasted, and even luxury accommodations all in one location.

Spier Wine Farm

With a heritage that dates back to 1692, you’re surely in for a treat when you opt to go to this winery in Stellenbosch. While you enjoy the wine tasting at this winery, you can also capture a glimpse of the largest contemporary South African art in the world.


Spier Wine Farm, Stellenbosch

There you have it, a few of the top wineries in Stellenbosch, the wine capital of South Africa! Each of these wineries will provide you with a different experience, the flavor of wine, and so much more. I highly recommend you try to get most of these wineries included in your itinerary whether you’re visiting Stellenbosch as a destination or taking a day trip here from Cape Town.


Have you ever been to Stellenbosch? What are some other must-visit wine estates?


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