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The Ultimate Safari at Gondwana Game Reserve in South Africa

Wondering where to go on safari in South Africa? If you want to see the big five, Gondwana Game Reserve is one of the best destinations in South Africa for a safari game drive! #SouthAfrica #Safari #Africa

If you are up for a safari getaway, Gondwana is the perfect destination for it and also for all the Nature lovers and adventurer souls looking for a safari experience. As per convenience, it is 4 hours’ drive from Cape Town. It offers an immersive experience into the South African jungle ecosystem amidst the beautiful Langberg Mountains.

This game reserve is 11000 hectares of wilderness including incredible wildlife like The Big five, endangered black rhino, and the endangered Cape mountain zebra that can be observed in their natural habitat.

The place offers an exciting experience for families as well as a couple who visit this luxurious place amongst the wilderness. So here are a few suggestions for accommodations and exciting activities that you can do which will make your stay wonderful.

Safari jeep in South Africa

Gondwana Game Reserve, South Africa


The Kwena Lodge facility consists of thirteen huts and thirteen villas. The huts are absolutely beautiful and merge well with the landscape owing to their straw coverings.

Nonetheless, the huts are focused on couples getaways and offer luxurious accommodation with considerably furnished rooms and excellent service. The villas, however, are available for the families are also very luxurious and offer self-catering or attentive service.

Accommodation at Gondwana Game Reserve

There are a total of 13 villas with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms available which are amazing for families to enjoy their vacation in the tree-dotted grasslands that present calming views of the wilderness. The accommodation is very convenient for the families as well as the couples that visit the vicinity. Just don’t walk outside at night.

Moreover, one could also opt for the eco tents that are available in the reserve, they do lack WIFI and electricity, which might be a bit of a digital detox for you but the experience is amazing nonetheless. So you can choose whichever accommodation suits you and your travel plans.

The pool at Gondwana Game Reserve

Book your stay at Gondwana Game Reserve

Activities in Gondwana Game Reserve

Elephant on safari

There are a number of activities that you can do within the Gondwana Game Reserve. This place allows many activities for the family, friends, and couples that can make your stay truly a memorable one!

Obviously, the first and the most important is the game drive. If you want the first-hand experience of the wild with sighting zebras, giraffe, rhinos, and elephants in the wild, you should take up the game drive that offers the participants to observe the wildlife in their natural ecosystems. There is also a tour guide that helps you through every detail of the fauna, their behaviors, and their patterns. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the most excitingly educational experience for people of every age. The bumpy ride down the road allows you to capture some unforgettable moments in your camera as well as your mind.

The family junior ranger program is another fun activity that one can enjoy if you’re here with the family which allows a perfectly safe educational experience for the whole family to learn about the flora and fauna of the place. The kids are given backpacks to have game walks and they could also go fishing and learn a great deal about the jungle in a safe space and at the end are also given certificates.

Safari at Gondwana Game Reserve

If you are in a mood for an adventurous safari mission vibe like the rangers, you can actually track and film certain wild animals that are present at the reserve which include the big five cheetahs, lions, and giraffes. Observe them up-close. Further, you can help the reserve with some missions like thinning out the invasive flora of the place. Some land and wetland surveys are done to regulate the wildlife in the areas and one could become a part of those surveys particularly raising one’s understanding of the habitat and how to keep it natural for the animals. All the while, the experience feels more like a real one than just a ride to see animals.

The reserve is near to major attractions of the area including Championship Golf Courses at Pinnacle Point, Pezula, Oubaai, and Fancourt, great swimming and surfing beaches that offer a variety of activities, and coastal towns of Mossel Bay, Knysna, and Plettenberg Bay allows one to immerse in the cultural and local experience of these beautiful towns.

Zebra on safari

The reserve is an excellent facility with a lot of fun activities to enjoy encompassing the wildlife. The purpose is to get up-close and personal to the animals, realizing the importance of coexistence and wildlife in the world.

On my trip, we were surrounded by lions and their cubs and it was quite the experience. We were told to be very still, and very quiet. In an open-air safari jeep, this was very scary because these are unpredictable wild animals. It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget.

The whole reserve is a fun place to visit and one leaves with a sense of responsibility towards the Wildlife. Highly recommended to visit if you’re visiting Cape Town as well!

Pro Tip: Rent a good camera. A proper DSLR and a zoom lens. You won’t regret it. 

More pictures from Gondwana Game Reserve:

Lions at Gondwana Game Reserve

Rhino at Gondwana Game Reserve  Giraffes at Gondwana Game Reserve

Zebras on safari    

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