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Top Places in the USA to Visit in Spring

Wondering where to go for a getaway in the USA this Spring? If you're dreaming of your next spring vacation, here are the top destinations in the USA to visit this Spring! #USA

Sun is shining, leaves are sprouting on the twigs and flowers are all geared up to bloom. Yes, it’s that time of year: Spring. And luckily you have survived the freezing days of winter. Calls for the celebrations, doesn’t it? And what better way to celebrate than by planning a trip to one of these under mentioned destinations in the USA that offer great weather to help you unwind the spell of winter from your mind. Moreover, as most of the teenagers and kids are dug deep in the trauma of finals, you will make up the trip infraction of the amount to what you will pay in summers. And with the minimum crowd. All the more reasons to travel, so why not?

Top Places in the USA to Visit in Spring

Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Want to shake off the tiredness of the chilly season? We got a perfect spot for you; Chena Hot Springs. Lie in the outdoor hot spring and feel your bones soaking in the healing water and calming your entire body inside and out. And as you are lost in this soul-refreshing experience, raise your gaze to have a magnificent view of early spring northern lights display that are at their best around 10 pm to 3 am. Not to be overlooked is the scenic beauty of surrounding glaciers. And of course, a visit to the Aurora Ice Museum is a must.

Washington, D.C.

Washington DC becomes a wonderland of cherry blossoms in Spring

Another city that goes all up to celebrate the floral beauty but this time it is for the visually sensational trees; Cherry Blossoms. The town celebrates the month-long National Cherry Blossoms Festival in their peak bloom season attracting visitors across the festival to enjoy the diverse, multicultural and art-rich programs comprising parties, parades, and performances. Actually, the festival commemorates the historic event of 1912, when Japan gifted the United States Cherry Blossoms trees as a token of their good relations. And even century after, that very gift cast a spell of dreamland on the Capital with these pinkish-white flowers decorating the sidewalks of Tide Basin and Washington Monument.

Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is a top destination in the USA in Spring

This place carries the dramatic beauty of the beach with grace in all seasons, but it’s also one of the best places in the USA to visit in spring. Standing on the bank you will feel sparkling waves touching your feet and bringing starfish and seashells along them. The lonely lighthouse is there to watch over the coast that emerges slowly to the dense green forest. But the place main attraction is the huge gray whales making their way through the Depoe Bay on their way to North, the Arctic, during the spring. Visitors can easily spot these (more than 20,000) whales on the Bay without even stepping foot in the water. Devils Punch Bowl and Tillamook Head are the popular spots to initiate your whale watching excursion with so many more.

Holland, Michigan

Holland, Michigan is a wonderful spring destination in the USA

Like the name suggests, this town was founded by the Dutch immigrants and during this season of rebirth and renewal, the whole town celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of their national flower: Tulips. They hold Tulip Time Festival in May when this place is studded with colorful tulips blossoming in the downtown specifically in Veldheer Tulip Gardens. There is cultural dance, traditional music, authentic food and crafts, and much more. Also, the Windmill Island Garden and Nelis’ Dutch Village will take you back in time with an ancient windmill, costumed reenactors, replicas of historic architecture and of course, the wooden shoes.