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Top Golf is all the rage

In case you don’t know. Top Golf is a 3 level covered driving range with a nice sitting area (high top tables or couches), drinks, live music, games and more!  It’s the newest thing and people are dying over it in Atlanta!  It’s like the clown bucket game… you just have to hit the ball into a colored hole on the field?  range? course? who knows?  and you get a certain amount of points for that color!

And it’s pretty clear that I SUCK at Golf!  At least I wore the appropriate golf attire… a dress and sandals.  Someone probably should have told me not to wear a dress and flip flops since I clearly have no common sense.  I always thought I was athletic… and I still think so… but it just so happens that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to golf.  They make it look so easy!  
I will tell you the one thing I’m AMAZING at!!! 
Looking like an idiot. Drinking.  
Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar! Check. I’m in heaven.  I got to sit on this suuuupppper comfy couch with a fan, live music, a cover overhead, and a drink in my hand.  Yes I occasionally took a swing with the beer pong mentality.. the more you drink the better you get… and I’m not so sure that’s the case with golf but hey.  I tried.

My best shot…. whatever that means.

yeah I gave up and went bare foot

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