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EW! With Jimmy Fallon

If you haven’t been keeping up with Jimmy Fallon’s hilariousness with every other white girl in America then you’ve been missing out on Channing Tatum…. Will Ferrell… Zac Efron…. Taylor Swift… and now Will i am!  

Airplane mode…. EW

Breaking up…. EW

Getting back together….EW…. and as Taylor I mean Natalie says… NEVER… LIKE EVERR.. EVER!

If you want to see our very own EW! (click here)

and yes that is a giant Honey Boo Boo size tub of Cheese Puffs! 

I love me some Sara (with no h) because h’s are EW!  Too bad if you don’t like it cause haters gonna hate… 

Incase you’re too distracted with the epic head gear, braces, pillow fights, Sara’s outfit, or just the hilarity of it all ….here’s some things I think are ew
FaceTime and reclining in
Airplane seats and then Vining
Retweeting tweets, I’m not lying
Cuz even rhyming’s annoying!

Bread bowls and ravioli, casserole, a roly poly
Caterpillar on my really old and moldy windowsill, ew
Trapper keepers and a creeper wearin’ sneakers
With the toes and maybe Frozen cuz you knowin’
I don’t wanna build a snowman
and obviously her Stepdad Gary because he’s EW!

Now go practice your smile off’s you funky bunch!

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