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Bun and Braid

Top 10 Trendy Hairstyles for this Fall that will make you feel more confident and beautiful

This year’s hottest hairstyle trends are fascinating us and we have to share! Whether it is braids, adding flowers, or buns they all seem to be Greek inspired.

Check out our top ten picks for trendiest and easiest hairstyles for this autumn. You can pick up some inspiration for work or a simple hike with your friends. We guarantee if you rock one of these you will feel confident and beautiful!

Top 10 Trendiest Hairstyles for Fall

  1. Double Bun: We love this easy and quick double bun. If you happen to be in a hurry but need something cute and sassy, we recommend this look. Part your hair down the middle and twist for a fun fall style.


Double Buns


2. Braid and Loose Wave: We love the loose curls for the fall and then throwing a braid on top really sets this look apart from others. It looks classic but with a trendy flare. This is great for a night out on the town.

Braid and Loose Curl


3. Half Pull Back Fish Tail Braid: For a spin on a classic braid, make it a fish tail braid!


Hair Style

4. Mid Pony with Braid: For a simple twist on your pony add a braid to one of the sides. It’s quick and fun and perfect for a day time shopping trip or a hike with your friends.

Braid Ponytail


5. Wavy Pony Tail: Simply add some soft waves to your hair then pin back in a pony tail. This is an elegant look that will fit both the day time and night time scene for this fall. The look will keep you cool and confident.


Wavy Pony


6. Half Back with a Bow For Flare: This look is as simple and classic as it gets. The bow adds innocence and simple beauty so you should try it out and see how many compliments you get!

Simple Bow


7. Fish Tail Pony Tail: Throw some chic into your classic pony tail for a fun look . This hairstyle will definietly keep you cool and you will be complimented so many times for putting a twist to your classic pony!

Fishtail Ponytail


8. Bun and Braid: To add some diversity try two looks in one. Start your half back braid with a bun at the top. It doesn’t have to be as perfect as this picture. Sometimes the more messy the cuter!

Bun and Braid


9.  Flower Crown: Whether you have short or long hair, straight or wavy, adding a flower crown will make you stand out.  Try it at a festival or out on the town when you are on a beach trip. We love this Greek inspired look!

Flower Crown


10.  Double Low Braid: Try doing low pig tails but change those pig tails into braids. This sleek back looks clean and modern for Fall!

Double Low Braid

There are endless hairstyles that can be created this fall. These are our top ten favorite but we would love to hear your recommendations or vote on your fave! Keep stylish and trendy!