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Top 10 Fun Nail Design Ideas for the Summer

We love trying everything new when it comes to our nails. Sometimes if we don’t have any time for experimentation with our nails we just rely on the latest 2017 summer nail art trends. These are some of the hottest manicure trends that always looks chic and classy. Below you will find our top 10 favorites!

Top 10 Summer Nail Trends

1. Metallic

The most popular trend this year! The mirror effect looks cool and shiny. We recommend you pay attention to the blending of chrome nails and French. Look at the colors! The metallic gold rose color on the nude base looks so delicate. It’s really a wonderful color mixture.

Metallic nails

2. Updated French

It’s a universal thing, but I know that many of you think that it’s getting pretty old. Double French will help you to refresh your look. Update the old classical French manicure for something more fun and bold!

Classic French

3. Black and White

Known as universal colors. These floral black nails on the white base are the prettiest ones we’ve seen. Bold stripes, color block, mixing in metallic, there are so many options you can play with here!

Black and White nails


4. Nude

Another universal trend. “Send more nudes!” This is the simplest fashion trend this year that will fit any look. But you can diversify it with white negative space. Nude nails literally go with anything.

Nude nails


5. Geometric

Geometric nails create straight lines and clear figures. We love this modern look.

Geo Nails

6. Lavender ombre nail art!

This great looking color combination gives the nails a soft and feminine look. You can ombre any color to give your nails a fresh new look.


7. Black cuticles

Make the cuticles more marked and highlight them with a black color.

Outlined Nails

8. Red red wine

Cute wine red nails never go out of fashion! The negative space refreshes this classic nail design. These nails would make any girl feel sexier and more confident.

Ruby Nails

9. Striping

Striping nail art is a new trend. It is quick, easy, and looks stunning! Pastels mixed with golden glitter stripes make the nails look truly amazing and fascinating.

Striped Nails

10. Different color

Make each nail pop with a different color! These are perfect for spring and summer!

nail trend 2017


Be sure to comment below and tell us your favorites or if you have any recommendations!