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The Ultimate Guide to Bimini

Visiting the Bahamas soon? If Bimini islands are your next destination, then here's the ultimate guide to the best destination in the Bahamas, including things to do, where to eat and where to stay in Bimini Islands. #Bahamas #Bimini

Blue calming waves, beautiful beaches, amazing food you name it and Bimini has it all. It is mainly a chain of beautiful islands on the western side of the Bahamas. The Bimini is an absolutely stunning place to spend your vacation. It’s a small golf cart town that you can explore from one end to the other and have fun doing it.

The islands offer a variety of fun activities to choose from – seriously, you could never run out of exciting things to do in this beachy heaven. You can take a ferry over from Miami for a day or a weekend. Make sure to rent a golf cart and go exploring. Here are a few things that you can try if you are planning your visit to this remarkable place.

Where to stay in Bimini

Resorts World Bimini

After being dropped to the bay by a ferry, the first thing to consider is that where would you stay? There are a number of excellent options for visitors. Bimini has condo’s you can rent or you can stay at Resorts World Bimini, a breath-taking resort. They also let you take out a sailboat for a fun experience at the sea.

There are 305 luxury rooms, 10 restaurants, cafes and bars, and 3 stunning pools at Resorts World Bimini. This 750-acre premier luxury beachfront resort spans approximately half the intimate island of Bimini, providing the ideal backdrop for both relaxation and adventure.

Discover miles of white sand beaches, infinity pools spanning the resort, diverse restaurants led by the world’s top chefs, and a world-class casino – all boasting indescribable views of Bimini’s turquoise waters.

Read my full review of Resorts World Bimini here.

Things to do in Bimini Islands

The beaches in Bimini are a dream


While in the Bahamas, the best activity is to lay around and soak in all that sweet golden sunshine.  The soft blue waves rolling on the sand are a spot for friends and couples to hang out and make the most of the Bahamas. Some other beaches are Radio beach, North Beach, blister beach at Kings Highway and spook hill Beach.

Water Sports

Bimini is far from just a beach that only offers stunning Caribbean Seaview. The place has all the fun activities for the people who want to feel a kick of adrenaline or even feeling adventurous to try something new.

You can also go scuba diving in Bimini, or go snorkeling with corals, lobster, marine animals and occasionally sharks hammerheads are also some of the things you should definitely try. You can rent and take a sailboat out for a spin if you are in a mood of a breezy afternoon on a boat. There’s even an old shipwreck you can jump off of.

Exploring the town

Explore the town

The district has its historical heritage center and allows the visitors to know more about the district. The lost Landmarks, a tribute to the writer Ernest Hemingway are some of the tins you will find along the way.

The Bimini Museum and The Bimini Craft Center are also interesting places to see. The Dolphin House stands out from all others and should be on your list because of its beautiful architectural design and offers a pop of color with Mosaic art on the building.

Gallant Lady Shipwreck

Gallant Lady Shipwreck

The Bimini Islands are also famous for the Shipwrecks. One amazing spot is the Gallant lady Shipwreck which is a rusty frame of the old ship Gallant Lady that was washed ashore in 1997. The Rusty red of the ship’s skeleton against the turquoise blue waters and white beach sand is absolutely a stunning sight to see. I felt like I discovered it when I found it since it was hidden at the very end of the island and tucked around a corner. There was absolutely no body there. The sunset at this spot is an out of the world experience and treat for senses. It could turn out to be another fun spot to explore on your vacation.

Bimini Islands sunset

Go on a hike

The beautiful towns of Porgy bay, Bailey town, and Alice Town are fun places to visit and hangout. Exploring the cultural beauty of the district along with the shops, restaurants, and bars in the area.

Moreover, for the nature lover in you, there is also a Bimini Nature Hiking trail that is an amazing learning experience to learn about the flora and fauna of the place. While you’re at it, be sure to look for Bimini Boa that is endemic to these islands along with other iguanas and beautiful bird species.

Bimini is a super small golf cart town so make sure to head out and explore!

Where to eat in Bimini

Where to eat in Bimini

Joe’s Conch Shack

A lot of exploring might get you a little drained so to refuel Joe’s conch Shack is a spot you should go for. The place has the most crazy tradition of writing on the walls from every visitor that comes to dine.

The Lobster and conch salad are one of its kind as far as the local cuisines go. They made it fresh right in front of us. The Conch Fritters are just amazing and are highly recommended to try out. If you are someone who likes to experience unique things, you are going to love the casual yet intense ambiance of the place, overlooking the sea and the delicious fresh food. Perfect to hang out with couples and friends to dine.

Three Daughter Deli

Bimini has a lot of the Caribbean and Bahamian cultural cuisines to offer apart from the Beaches and blue waters. The Three daughter deli is one of those places that you must try if you are in Bimini. The fried fish and lobster are very good as well.

The place offers a variety of food options so one can enjoy at any time of the day breakfast, dinner or snacks. The perfect spot when you have had a long day at the beach. The people who try it have a very high opinion of the food and service and should be on your bucket list when you are in Bimini.

Some other try-outs are Stuart’s Conch Salad and Edith’s Lobster pizza, Paradise beach bar and there are a ton of other places that you can try in Bimini.

The Bimini Islands are fairly underrated. But this vacation spot is not less than any other Bahamian destination. The variety of fun activities and local foods available in this district makes this place one of the top recommendations if you are planning a vacation in the Bahamas. The trip will be more fun if you open up and allow yourself to immerse yourself in the local culture, try local cuisines, learn about the place and have a good time.

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