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25 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bimini in The Bahamas

If you watch any reality show ever, then you know where the spot to go this year is… BIMINI! It’s a must. Bimini is a little island off the coast of  Miami that’s part of the Bahamas. They call it the gateway to the Bahamas because it’s the first Bahamas island you get to. For all my US readers, it’s the perfect weekend getaway because it’s so close to Miami. You could even make it a day trip if you don’t have the full weekend. It’s a great spot to relax and disconnect for just the right amout of time when you need it! Just minutes off the coast of South Florida, you’ll discover the meaning of Bimini Bliss.

Check out these photos from my trip to Bimini! I hope they inspire you to visit!

Pack your bags and get ready for Bimini!