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A walk through the Wynwood Walls- Miami, Florida

miami wynwood walls

When in Miami, you have to go to the Wynwood Walls. We took a field trip to check out the area and to take some really fun pictures!

When I first went, I thought it was a bunch of really cool graffiti. Which it is! It’s awesome! But after going there another time, I realized there’s so much more to it. It’s a community. There’s shops, restaurants and such a cool vibe! Both times I was in such a rush to the airport or to just stop real quick and take pictures but there is so much more to take in. I can’t wait to go back and really enjoy the atmosphere and appreciate it. So, what I’m saying is make a day of it. Grab a bite to eat, have a drink, walk around and take in the culture.

miami wynwood walls
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This past time (on the way to the airport), we went to take one certain picture and House of Mac made us stop immediately and I jumped out of the car. I was starving and the buffalo chicken mac and cheese hit the spot! And the original too! Give me all the mac! Nom nom nom!

Then while I was waiting for my food, I realized I was right next to a brewery. I wished I could just hang out and enjoy the beautiful Saturday afternoon instead of catching my flight. But that wasn’t an option, but now I know for future trips back to Miami. And I’m telling you so you can enjoy all that Wynwood Walls has to offer.  We definitely recommend checking out the Art Walk at Wynwood and ordering some Obleas (a tasty Columbian snack)!
I love you Wynwood Walls and I can’t wait to see you again! More on the Wynwood Walls here and be sure to check out our Miami City Guide here!