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The Formula For a Happy Baby Colton

Wondering what is the best formula for a baby? As a new mom, knowing what to give my baby every day is important, so I decided to write a review of Comforts Infant Formula Benefits for all new moms out there! #Motherhood #NewMom #Baby

This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

Wondering what is the best formula for a baby? As a new mom, knowing what to give my baby every day is important, so I decided to write a review of Comforts Infant Formula Benefits for all new moms out there! #Motherhood #NewMom #Baby


I haven’t done a baby update in awhile so I wanted to check in here. We’re at the 4 month mark and Colton is doing amazing. He’s the happiest most loving baby. He enjoys sitting up, his jump jump, cuddling with Mom and Dad, and watching the dogs play. He loves experimenting with his voice and making new noises. I find that especially cute. He’s also learning to hold his bottle. We still have a long way to go but he’s picking things up very quick. Slow down baby boy. 

Speaking of his bottle, I want to share what’s in it! We’ve been using Comforts Infant Formula from Kroger. It’s the closest formula to breast milk, Comforts™ Infant Non-GMO is nutritionally tailored for infants, with DHA and choline to help support brain development. It’s compared to the nutrition of Similac.

Comforts Infant Formula Benefits

  • Complete nutrition with no artificial growth hormones just like Enfamil and Similac
  • $400 in savings a year when you switch from Similac to Comforts brand
  • Closer to Breast Milk than their previous formulation
  • Complete Nutrition tailored for Infants
  • DHA, Vitamins & Choline to help support brain development
  • Non-GMO, Ingredients not genetically engineered

Happy Baby Colton

As with all new mom things, it can be overwhelming trying to find what’s right for your little one. We checked the ingredients and tried several formula options, including sensitivity ones, until I really honed in on what Colton preferred.

Babies are expensive, so it’s important to save on the necessities like infant formula. Especially since it has all the same ingredients and benefits as the name brands. We also have a Kroger Plus Shoppers Loyalty card which allows us to combine the card and the Ibotta offer to save even more.

The Ibotta offer is $3 cash back on Comforts Sensitivity Formula for any variety, 30 fl oz. or larger. Expires March 21, 2020

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Happy Baby Colton
Happy Baby Colton

Colton is a drinker. He’s 4 months and already downing 6-8oz at every feeding. So we need formula to supplement his schedule. My husband loves Comfort Brands for a few unexpected reasons too. He loves that the carton is easy to open one handed and that the freshness seal easily pulls off allowing access to the powder. More importantly, he likes that the carton has a slot that easily holds the scooper for storage in between use. Call him crazy, but he says that nothing is worse than clumpy formula powder. The storage slot not only holds the scooper but also keeps the powder from unwanted water droplets.  I’m not complaining having him take over some of Colton’s feeding times so I can get some much needed rest now. He’s happy about it also because Comforts Infant Formula from Kroger is easy to use. It’s a win win.

With so many benefits, don’t be ashamed to formula feed! You do what’s best for you, your baby, and your family. I support you!

Happy Baby Colton

Happy Baby Colton


Happy Baby Colton
He’s 4 months here ladies and gentleman. lol 😂 🤣


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