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The Five Best Summer Getaways in the USA

Ready to get away from it all this summer? We sure are! If you’re not keen on traveling to some far-away destination and would rather keep things local, we’ve got some seriously incredible destinations for a perfect getaway in the USA!

From cute cobblestone alleys to the ultimate beach destination, this post will inspire you to book flights to some of the coolest places in the United States.


Our Favorite Summer Getaways in the USA


Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is one of our favorite destinations in the USA due to its cute boutiques, charming alleyways, and super Instagrammable spots

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With its rich history, bustling streets, quaint cobblestone alleyways, and insanely cute houses, Charleston, South Carolina tops our list of the most charming cities to visit in the United States on a summer getaway. Whether you’re looking to learn about historic landmarks, explore charming streets with your camera in hand, or indulge in a thriving foodie scene, Charleston has got it all!

With so much to see and do in one place, make sure to check out our travel guide to Charleston where we’ll give you tips on the best things to do, what to eat, and where to stay!

Gulf Coast, Alabama

Alabama's Gulf Coast is one of the most underrated beach getaways in the USA!

If you’re looking for beach vibes and a killer nightlife, the lesser trodded Gulf Coast in Alabama might just be the perfect escape for you. With clear waters, white-sand beaches, and a foodie scene that will make you swoon, this southern oceanside piece of paradise is one of our favorite getaway destinations when life just feels like too much.

Make sure to check out our post one our favorite beach retreats in Alabama’s Gulf Coast to start planning where to stay in one of our favorite beach getaways in the USA.



Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is one of the ultimate getaways in the USA and for a good reason!

It’s no secret that Palm Springs is a must-visit when road tripping the California Desert, but it’s also one of our favorite destinations in the USA to visit year-round! With its charming desert-vibes, colorful hotels, and thriving boutique shops, Palm Springs needs to be on your bucket list this summer! Not only is the city a great spot to stay in, but it’s also an incredible base to explore further afield thanks to its proximity to some of California’s coolest landmarks and natural wonders.

Make sure to check out our guide to Palm Springs, where we share our fav things to do, the coolest hotels in town, and the most incredible Instagram spots!

Memphis, Tennesse

We love Memphis as a holiday destination but the city is also a pretty cool destination for a quick getaway!

If you’re into food, history, and all things blues, rock and roll and soul, then Memphis should be on your summer bucket list! Not only is Memphis a paradise for music-lovers, but it has also become a top destination for history buffs and photographers alike. Many of its once decaying areas have been revamped and turned into neighborhoods brimming with kitsch shops, hipster cafés, and artsy restaurants.

Memphis’ river-town spirit and musical heritage have a way of getting into your soul and making you feel alive. Trust me, you’ll be back here sooner than you think! Make sure to check out our guide to Memphis for all our tips on visiting!


Boston, Massachusetts

If you’re more into big cities, then Boston should be on your radar! With so much to do in the city and places to explore, you’ll hardly get to sleep if you want to tick off as many attractions and activities as possible. Hop on a cruise to explore the city in a unique way, tour Fernway Park, and spend as much time as possible experiencing the city through your taste buds. Seriously, Boston’s foodie scene is real!

Check out our travel guide to Boston for the best travel tips and things to do in the city!



What are some other incredible getaways in the USA that should be on our radar?


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With so many incredible national parks, cities, and beach towns in the USA, deciding where to go on summer is a touch choice! We've traveled the USA extensively and on this post, we share our absolute favorite summer getaways in the USA that need to be on your radar! #USA