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Sunday Funday @ the Farmers Market

My mom’s favorite thing to say to
me has always been “Lauren, you aren’t a contestant in a beauty pageant,
so hurry up!” (Please say that to yourself with an exacerbated sigh and a
tone only a mother can cultivate properly)


Keeping her words in mind I try to keep most of my outfits fairly simple. Going to
the farmers market on a Sunday morning should definitely be one of those times
when we remember that it’s ok to be “casual”. I don’t think casual means
messy, so please don’t mistake me on that. Think more casual chic than hobo.

I live in a small city apartment
so, like many of you, anything you buy has to serve many purposes in your life,
because space to store stuff is at a premium. The faux leather bag that I
brought with me to the farmers market is no exception. This bag is from Forever21, is under $35 and I often carry my laptop in it when I am not carting around
fresh Kale. I also didn’t feel the need to bring a regular purse since this bag
looks like an oversize handbag, that’s a win for less crap to carry!

Now to the meat and potatoes of it all… I chose to use layers to create
the causal chic look that can take you from the farmers market to Sunday brunch
fairly effortlessly. Also, the layers keep a girl warm in the morning when she
arrives and by the 3rd mimosa in at brunch you’ll be all set to take that sweater off. I am the first to admit I love very feminine dresses for my
weekends but, for this look I wanted to show you all the sweater I’ve been
living in and how to really layer a look for an all-day wear.

I love this gray sweater so much that in anticipation of you all going out
and impulse buying it, I bought one more in every color. So neener neener I
have more, and now you are free to get yours. To say I could have devoted an
entire post on my love affair with this j-crew light weight gray sweater that
really fits into my life ( and soon yours) perfectly is clearly an
understatement, but let me just say some pieces of clothing no matter how
simple can be game changers. This sweater is warm, yet not bulky, soft but
doesn’t pill, neutral in color, and long enough to clover just enough of your
bottom that you can wear it with leggings but not so long that it looks silly
with jeans.


Simple causal and brunch transitional is what I kept in mind for the remainder
of the outfit for the day…. I chose to pair it with my favorite pair of jeans
right now, my Hudson Krista Super Skinny Crop Jean (ps. they are on sale #youarewelcome). For a little bit of color (because
I never like to be accused of being boring) I chose a silky high neck J-crew top. The one I have is from last season on their factory site, but I linked you
to another one that is similar and I also just bought! My sandals are basic and
simple and BP brand by Nordstrom, this particular pair is out but I linked you
all to a similar pair.

Happy Sunday!

xo Lauren