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So this weekend….

So this weekend this happened…
One of my friends from San Francisco flew into town to visit me so I took her on a little “locals” bar tour.  We also met up with her cousin who just so happens to live here also and who just so happens to be my best friends best friend … ya still following?  
Side note: Weird story.  When I lived in San Francisco I met my friend L and we became room mates.  My best friend G in Atlanta worked with and was best friends with T.  Turns out T and L are cousins.  Strange huh.  
So back to this weekend… by the way… going out and trying to eat healthy… in the South… SUCKS!  It is really hard.  I’ve been doing Tone It Up for a little bit now but more on that later. So stay tuned.
At the bar this is what I ate… as chips and dip walk by.

We went to a bunch of places… I mean 15 or so… a bar tour of Atlanta if you will.  There was one stop in particular that just so happened to scar my friend for life.  You’re Welcome.  I think Johnny’s Hideaway has that effect on people.  It’s like the cougars den… well hell… it’s in a league of it’s own.  The average age in the bar is 50 but you will see some randoms and some 60ish 70ish folks boogying on the dance floor.  It’s amazing.  Take it this is 9:30 and this place was packed.  You can see below two randoms photo bombed our pic.  I… Loved it.  Her… not so much.

Just to give you an idea of how bad the 70s threw up in here.

 Continuing on our bar tour… we finally took a pic at our old stomping ground for a drink.  Churchills.

Needless to say I haven’t been going out that much so the next morning was a little rough.  We went to The Nook on Piedmont Park for the World Famous 32oz Bloody Mary… the Mother of ALL Mary’s!

yes that’s a beef straw.

 Sunday Funday we had a little cookout and grilled out some healthy veggies and chicken!

grilled cucumber is the 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Next weekend I’m heading to the Hamptons and super excited!

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