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Amansala eco chic resort Tulum Mexico travel blogger

Our Stay at Amansala Eco Chic Resort in Tulum, Mexico

Amansala eco chic resort Tulum Mexico travel blogger

I recently discovered that there is quite possibly nothing more exciting and rewarding than a last minute trip to a new country. When the opportunity to go the white sandy beaches of Tulum presented itself,  I jumped at it, grabbing my friend Lauren and as much colorful clothing as I could fit in a carry on, excited to see the magical little town and experience all that Mexico could offer. I’m a huge fan of Tulum because even though it’s a popular destination you are away from the craziness and hoards of tourist in other areas.  Tulum quickly became a favorite of mine on this last visit! 

Amansala eco chic resort Tulum Mexico travel blogger

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

origin: Mayan

definition: I am you, and you are me. A Mayan greeting honoring each other. It is a statement of unity and oneness. In Lak’ech Ala K’in mirrors the same sentiment of other beautiful greetings such as Namaste does in the East.

Pack your bags and get ready to head to the Amansala Eco Chic Beach Resort in Tulum!

Amansala eco chic resort Tulum Mexico travel blogger

Hotel + Rooms

After a quick flight to Mexico and cab to Tulum we checked into the Amansala Eco Chic Beach Resort and we were transported to paradise. From the minute you pull into the resort you know you are in for a special experience, the perfect blend of relaxation and luxury, with a healthy twist to boot! The grounds are sprinkled with adorable nooks, swings, hammocks, and most importantly, five adorable dogs who call Amansala home and will greet you happily upon arrival. The resort really lives up to both the eco and chic aspects of its name, from thatched roofs and raw wood accents throughout to the stunning beach beds and lounge chairs. Check out our bungalow here! Our room was beyond expectation, lofty and open with a larger than life ceiling and outdoor lounge areas we always felt connected to nature (but of course with luxurious beds and giant shower featuring their own handmade bath products – made with Mayan Honey!!)

In keeping with the eco nature of the resort our room was not air-conditioned – but with a beach front room and plenty of windows we were treated with fresh breezes, and more importantly, the sound of waves crashing, the perfect “white noise machine”.  My favorite part of the room was how some of the flowering vines were working their way up the bathroom walls, bringing the outside in.

Amansala eco chic resort Tulum Mexico travel blogger

Food + Drink

The hotel also offers a full restaurant with delicious and HEALTHY options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We especially appreciated the early morning coffee offered, perfect to grab and sit on one of the dozens of seating areas surrounding the turquoise waters. There are plenty of restaurant options in Tulum, but more often than not we found ourselves sticking by the resort for fresh shrimp tacos or avocado toast – and not to mention their killer mango margaritas and coco loco’s! It was probably the best food we had during our stay!

Pro tip – Get the chiliqulies with avocado and definitely try the restaurants special salsa sauces. I was partial to the green tomatillo one!

Amansala eco chic resort Tulum Mexico travel blogger

Beach + Pool

All of the many lounge chairs, swings, hanging beds, and hammocks have a perfect view of the crystal clear turquoise water, and you can quickly run into the ocean for a cool down or frolic in the waves (pretending you’re a mermaid of course). The property also features a beach side pool, which we found ourselves drawn to more often than not, a perfect place to sip on your fresh coconuts. Having both immediate beach access and a pool on site was the best of both worlds.

Amansala eco chic resort Tulum Mexico travel blogger

Activities + Amenities

In Tulum it seems like the Yoga offerings are as plentiful as the margaritas, but Amansala also offers a unique option for those who might have put off getting beach ready (guiltily raises hand!) Their Bikini Bootcamp is a fun and challenging experience for fitness enthusiasts, from morning yoga in their two studios to beach front classes (one challenge had participants throwing coconuts!!) you won’t feel guilty for indulging in a little extra guacamole later in the day! The best part about it is that in addition to the different classes they also curate healthy yet delicious meal plans, and will help coordinate activities for guests. They also offer yoga, meditation, destination detox, and a beach n bliss yoga holiday!

We were so intrigued by all of the many spa offerings. There is a Mayan Clay Ritual (to let go of the old and make room for the new), Mayan Temazcal (an ancient steam bath with therapeutic benefits), and Sound Healing (to awaken the soul and gain inner peace). WOW! I can’t wait to go back and try out the last two! Even telling you they also have massages available seems boring after those but a massage is the ultimate relaxation and doesn’t get any better than by the beach.

There are bikes on site that you can take out to explore Tulum and even a little boutique shop in the front with hand made Mayan clothes, organic bug spray, SPF, and their spa products. I brought home the Mayan clay mud masks and am obsessed with it! If you want to go out for a longer adventure have the hotel set up a Mayan Ruins or Cenote tour!

Amansala eco chic resort Tulum Mexico travel blogger

More Information

Amansala Eco Chic Resort Tulum


Address: 5.5 boca de paila, Tulum, Quintana roo Mexico 77766

Social: Instagram // Facebook


After the magical experience we had there, it wont be long until we make it back to Amansala and Tulum!

Amansala eco chic resort Tulum Mexico travel blogger

Thanks so much for hosting the #VGBsquad Amansala!

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