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The One Thing You Need To Totally Revamp Your Space

*this post is sponsored by Nourison Rugs 


Sometimes it doesn’t take much to totally revamp a space. You just need one thing to make it feel fresh and new. New spaces give me life and bring me so much creativity. What really brings your new space together is a rug. It makes the space feel cozy and pulls the entire room together. I worked with Nourison Rugs to improve my blog office and kitchen and they’re looking better than ever! Nourison is known for inspiring luxury and style in the world of home decor.

Home Makeover: Blog Office and Kitchen Refresh Edition

Blog Office

You guys know I love to makeover my office. I’ve done it about 3 or 4 times already but I think I’ve finally landed on a design I can live with for awhile and it only took a minor change to really bring the space together! I knew I was missing something. I needed something to pull it all together and ground the space. I finally found this rug and you guys…when I saw it…I knew it was the one! It really just takes a good rug to pull the entire design together. In my opinion, it really makes the space cozy and inviting. Check out my before and afters below! How much better does my blog office look right now! The top is the before and the bottom is the after obviously. One thing to note is the size. The larger rug just makes the space look so much better. Another thing to note is the color. Even though I stuck with pink as the theme I went with a lighter base and it really opened up the room. This space makes me want to work in this room now. This home office concept conveys a glam, feminine vibe with plenty of texture and bright color and plenty of GOLD of course! The vibrant fuschia from the Passion Collection rug acts as the focal point, complemented by other textures, patterns, metallics, and black and ivory accents for a bold look and feel.

Get my rug here! It’s called the Nourison Passion Distressed Vintage Ivory/Fuchsia Area Rug




I went without a kitchen rug for the longest time and I loved it but as soon as we put down a new rug I was in love. It made the space so much better. I thought not having a rug would keep the house looking cleaner but looking at the before photos it just looks naked. Like something doesn’t look right. It’s amazing how something so simple can totally transform your room! You can even see how much my dogs love the new rugs. Somewhere cozy to lay and watch me in the kitchen! It’s their new favorite spot!

Get my new kitchen rug here!  It’s called the Nourison Kamala DS504 Indoor Area Rug

I have a lot of black, white, and gray in my house so this rug brings just the right about of color and fun to a common kitchen space!



Tips to help choose the right rug size for your room

Think about it this way. Your area rug is exactly what the name implies: it defines an area in your room. That means it should always be sized in relation to the space itself. It’s an extension of the floor that can help you define specific zones: this is for sitting, this is for eating, this is for wrestling with the dog, or laying in front of the TV, or whatever you want to do on the rug.

So while furniture layout and rug size should complement each other, the furniture isn’t as important as the activity taking place in the space. Those specifics will go a long way to determining your best rug size for a given room. Sitting areas will have very different rug needs than dining areas, for example. So the rug dimensions aren’t going to have the same relationship with the furniture. They need to fit with the dimensions of the room, and cover enough area to add functionality, comfort, and even luxury.

In a dining room, the point is partly to protect your floor and cut down noise from pushed-back chairs when people get up from the table. So make sure you’ve accounted for that — usually 18-24 inches on all sides will work. And if your table has leaves, make sure to pick a rug that accommodates the table at maximum size.

Before you pick your rug, here are a few suggestions in determining the right size:

  1. Measure the room. There are a number of apps available to help with measuring and arranging furniture, some of which can even include layout factors such as uneven corners, windows, door frames, and other elements which might come into play. But a tape measure will probably work just as well.
  2. Think about how you use the space. If it’s a large, open area, how do you want traffic to flow from one end to the other? What activities do you enjoy in the space, and is there a specific area you designate for those things? With a large room, you might want multiple rugs for different areas, with space between them where people would walk through the room. A smaller room might require a single rug, meaning your rug will have to bear up under more foot traffic.
  3. Take pictures. If you’re seeking help from an interior decorator or even the sales staff at a retailer, it’s useful to give them a visual sense of your space. You might even put down masking tape outlines of where you think the rug should go.
  4. Consider shapes. Just because the default for most rugs is rectangular, that doesn’t mean you can’t branch out. A dining room set might work well on top of an oval shaped rug. Your bedroom arrangement might lend itself to rug runners — particularly if you have twin beds with a space between them. And a sitting area might make a more dynamic statement with a large circular rug, since you won’t be as concerned with overlap in that context.
  5. “One bigger” always wins. Just remember: it’s never a bad idea to “go big” in picking a rug, as long as it fits inside the room. A small rug can make furniture look awkward and ill-placed. A large rug makes the space more welcoming, and provides more flexibility for arranging the rest of the room’s elements.

Make sure to check out Nourison Rugs for your next room makeover or just to revamp your space and give it a bit of a refresh!

About Nourison

Since its founding the 1970s, Nourison Rugs has become the market’s most diversified wholesale producer and importer of area rugs. Nourison’s extensive, diversified product lines are internationally recognized for their combination of beauty, craftsmanship, and value in every price range and construction category. By maintaining a monumental backup inventory, Nourison is able to ship most orders within 48 hours. Nourison addressed the two key concerns of every retailer – selection and timely delivery – to become the leading multi-product resource in the floor covering industry.


*Big thank you to Nourison for sponsoring this post and giving some of my favorite rooms in my house new life. All opinions are my own.