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” Now Ady” Series on Southern Mothers Nice Nasties

This series is about the things Mothers say and the advice they give… especially Southern Mothers who aren’t afraid to speak their mind!  

Sometimes it’s advice… sometimes it’s a back handed compliment… you can never really tell because it could be the meanest thing but it’s said so sweetly and in such a sweet tone of voice.  These Southern women are what we call Queens of Nice Nasties.  I know when my Mom and Grandmother would give me advice they would say… “Now Ady…” 

So this is dedicated to all Mothers and their wonderful “isms” that have continued to provide entertainment for me and all my friends through the years! You know who you are!

For those of you that don’t have “Southern Mothers” or aren’t familiar with these Nice Nasties (you’re lucky) I’m going to share my “advice” with you! (and boy do I have a lot) 

These are a few good ones I got in college or when I told my mom I was going out this weekend…  Oh and don’t forget to read these out loud in a Southern accent!

“Now Ady, always act like a lady.”

“Now Ady, it’s not what you do that’s so bad, it’s the impression it gives others.”

“Now Ady, it’s a small world, so you had better behave, wherever you go—-you never know who you will run into!”

“Now Ady, nothing good comes out of staying out late at night.”

You can find more Nice Nasties HERE and expect more to come! 

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