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Most Instagram Worthy Places in Manchester

Traveling to Manchester soon? If you're on the lookout for fun things to do and cool attractions, here is a list of the most Instagram worthy places in Manchester to check out! #Manchester #England

We all have an explorer in us that urges us to visit new places, architectural marvels, experience different cultures and learn about history. The city of Manchester is one of those places that are picturesque with sharp colors and stunning architectural design to satisfy that explorer in you. 

There are so many amazing places to explore when you’re in Manchester. Breetham Tower, Spinningfields, Central Retail District. The Gay Village, Chinatown, and the Northern Quarter are all a must too! It’s super easy to get around because they have this bus that will take you around the city for free. FOR FREE. I couldn’t get over that. Spinningfields is a vibrant area with luxury brands, restaurants, and bars. Northern Quarter is Manchester’s creative urban heart with independent stores, record shops, and cafes!

If getting that “shot” is on top of your England bucket list, here are some of the most Instagram worthy places in Manchester that you must check out!

Most Instagram Worthy Places in Manchester

Instagramable Restaurants


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Neighbourhood is a MUST! It’s such a fun place to eat or go for drinks! So fun! It’s Instagram heaven. 


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Alberts Schloss

Alberts Schloss is another Instagram gold mine. They have a fully stocked rose gold Prosecco bar with your very own “Push for Prosecco” button on your table. Think white subway tiles, exposed beams, and a free photo booth with props! Everything was so gorgeous!


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Cloud 23

If you want to dine with a view then I suggest Cloud 23! It’s the tallest building in Manchester and the second tallest building in the UK! Cloud 23 has such a cool vibe. With lite bites, small plates, and cocktails you can’t go wrong looking out the floor to ceiling windows around the entire floor. I had a nice happy hour there and then I went back the next afternoon for tea time! Their afternoon tea is legit!

Instagramable Places

New Islington Ashton Canal

Canals in the city add a great smooth architectural touch to an otherwise urbanized place. Ashton canal is no exception; it connects the Huddersfield narrow, Peak Forest and Rochdale throughout the city. It’s perfect to have a walk along the bank, cycle along the roadside, canoe in the canal and visit Portland Basin Museum that further offers more historical background of the canal.

All of those activities are perfect to enjoy a family picnic or visiting with a special one. Moreover, it is going to end up on your Instagram feed for mere picturesque sights it has to offer throughout its stretch.

Tip: Check out Lock Keepers Cottage while you’re there!



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WE ❤️ MCR!! 🐝I can’t believe we almost skipped Manchester! This place is amazing! I feel like I could really get into the life here! Not to mention this place is Instagram heaven! There are so many unique places to grab dinner and drinks I could do this all day!⠀ ⠀ Did you see our instastory? We went to one of the most vibrant places to eat in Manchester and it did not disappoint. We probably went through the entire cocktail menu! Mmm Mmmm Mmm Cheers!🥂 ⠀ ⠀ Don’t worry! We’ll have a full recap for you on the blog so you can plan a trip!⠀ ⠀ Have you ever been to Manchester? ⠀ ⠀ @visitmanchester #travelgold #vgbsquad #ilovemcr ❤️

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Ok. Let’s get real here for a minute. I’m apart of the Girls Love Travel Facebook group and literally almost everyone said to skip Manchester. A ton of people said it was not worth the trip. And after going, I strongly disagree. Granted I couldn’t find any one thing to make someone visit, like a standout attraction or something like that but we had an amazing time there. I think it may have even been one of my favorite places in England! It’s like a British version of Brooklyn or North Beach for my Cali friends. Almost too cool for me. lol ⠀ ⠀ 🐝Has anyone been to Manchester? What did you think??? ⠀ ⠀ More details coming to the blog soon! 💛 ⠀ ⠀ #visitmanchester #visitmcr #mcr #mancity #manchestercity #mcrlife #manchesterlife #lovemcr #25daysoftravel

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Stevenson Square in the Northern quarter

Stevenson Square is another place you cannot miss if you are hunting for places with colors, art, and beauty. They are so many bars, restaurants, and cafés in the northern quarter that promise a good time just hanging out with friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Moreover, you are going to absolutely fall in love with the excellent interior designing of the place and appreciate the murals and street art while strolling in the streets, taking a lot of pictures.


St Peter’s Square

St. Peters square in Manchester has a very hipster urban vibe to it. With staggering architectural spots like the Townhall, Central Library, and the beautiful Midland Hotel, you will find yourself compelled to take a lot of pictures.

Be sure also to check out the War Memorial with other monuments around. The square is always tidy despite a lot of tourists visiting the place. When you’re done with the exquisite architectural scene, there are a lot of restaurants and café’s that can serve as a hangout spot for your friends & family.


King street

If you are a fan of bond movies or Italian Renaissance-themed ambiance, you must visit King street for the mere excitement of it. From the Luxurious hotel lobby interiors to the sophistically decorated shop front displays, this place has it all. Perfect for a window-shopping experience as the place has a lot of upmarket extravagant stores and shops.

Collectively, it feels like a million bucks experience while visiting this street and is highly recommended if you are someone who enjoys that scene.



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Little stop in Manchesters China Town! 🐝❤️🏮🎎 #25daysoftravel

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China town

The Welcoming golden gates of the place present the Chinese cultural characteristic. The place is filled with Chinese restaurants and all those red globes. You actually find it amazing with a pop of all brilliant colors coming your way and if you’re up for experimenting with your taste buds to try different food options, you can choose from an array of Chinese foods offered at the place.

The place makes an excellent background for your next Instagram picture with a decent pop pf red and golden in the back


Shambles Square

What would you do if you find yourself in a beautiful street that has a lot of stores with brilliant colorful walls and paned windows on exteriors? Well, that’s exactly what Shambles Square is and why it’s one of the most Instagram worthy places in Manchester!

The street is considered to be one of the most visited streets in Europe. It’s just marvelous, the architecture, bars, restaurants, the history related to it, and popping colors all make it a place worth visiting while you are staying in Manchester.


St Ann’s Square

There is no place like St. Ann’s square. It has a character of its own. Royal Exchange Theatre and St. Ann’s Church are some of the tourist attractions that this place is known for. Upmarket shops, restaurants, and places with intense vibrant outdoor scenes make this place worth appreciating. Pictures or not, you are going to love the ambiance of this place.



City’s entertainment and shopping center, Spinningfields is hard to neglect when one is mentioning tremendous outdoors. The amazing Tatton Park, Compound Building with lots of bars, shops and cafes are some of the perks one can enjoy visiting this place.

The Modern bio landscaping of the Tatton Park nearby is breath-taking and all the surroundings would leave a long-term impression.


Beetham Tower on Deansgate

If you have a thing for skyscrapers, you should definitely have to see the Beetham Tower for it is a modern structural beauty standing in the heart of the city. The tallest standing structure I the city incorporates all as it was built in modern times. It carries a modern era architectural touch to it. The tower offers a range of experience for its inhabitants, residential, hotel and office space make this building highly functional and architecturally unique, not to mention it’s one of the most Instagram worthy places in Manchester!



After you’ve had a stroll down the city with all the busy places and structural designs checked off your list, Castlefield serves as the best spot to layback and relax. One could take an extremely peaceful walk with all the casual front bars, green spaces and charming canals adding to the beauty and flow of the space. Nonetheless, the place is the heart of the town for its historical referencing of the town origins.

Tip: The images of the Lamp lights reflecting the water surface present a striking image. Chances are, you already have a picture or two as your screensaver on your computer.


The town offers a great deal for tourists to choose from, and it is highly suggested that you make the most of it by planning your visit by prioritizing the spots that you would want to visit first. The whole town, in general, is an urban marvel that can help you appreciate its natural and urban infrastructure combined in a perfect picturesque balance.


What are some other Instagram worthy places in Manchester to check out?


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