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Merica’ Prep // DIY, Decor, Flags + More

I did not mean to make that rhyme… but whatevs it’s Merica’ decor prep!  Whooooooo!  I can’t wait for the fireworks and an excuse to take off work!  I expect everyone to be reading this with a beer in hand because MERICA!

In honor of America and my Patriotic Duty to celebrate on July 4th my cousin called me over for a Pinterest Day… and I gladly accepted!!
The first thing I did was get my outfit together! This consisted of traveling to 5 goodwill’s to find the PERFECT pair of old vintage levi jeans.  We then went to Joann’s and Michaels to find the best American Flag we could find!  After some cutting and gluing the end result was this!  Although I’ve seen them around the cuff part of shorts or jeans only and I love that too!  I’ve been told they are tacky but I’m excited to wear them because let’s be honest… they’re awesome!  You can also paint your jeans or buy them pre made.  Either way rock what cha got.  
Merica’ prep consist of American Flag everything!  Red white and blue should literally be everywhere because you aren’t American if it’s not… right?  Either way, we’ve been busy pinning away in prep for our parties and the 4th of July!  Our Merica Pinterest is ready for some flag action!  Here are some of our favs but come check us out + more obsessions on Pinterest here.
You can buy these canisters anywhere but most people already have them.  Mine are from ZGallerie.  These jars make it easy to trade out decorations for each holiday.  i.e. jelly beans for easter, candy corn for halloween etc. etc… You can use red beans, mints, or red hots for Merica or even VDay!! I also have a couple on my dining room table I put candles in!  So cute!








Have a Happy 4th!! Love your VGB team!