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Long hair don’t care Holla for $20 dolla

I got weeeeeaaaveeee y’all!!!!  Heeeyyyyy!!!

Long hur don’t cur!  So I’ve been doing this for awhile now… probably since college.  But I haven’t done it in about a year and I don’t know why!  I love it!  Long thick hair!  Umm yes please!

Now I wasn’t paid or anything for this post so I’m going to let you in on some ATL secrets shawty!  White girl style!  On how to get your hair did for $20.  I know in salons they charge you $800-$1000 for extensions but no way jose!  Not how I roll.

I like to get my weave sewn in not clipped in so I can wash and style it how I want and I don’t have to fuss with it everyday.

1.  Go to a beauty supply store and buy your own weave!  They will help you color match there.  You can also get virgin hair and dye it to match yourself or the salon can.  I always get the longest weave I can buy.  The nicest longest extensions will run you about $130-$150 but you can use them multiple times and you will have lots of hair left over.

2.  Call a hair braiding salon in your area – I like to ask if they do white girls hair just for fun.

3.  I get 2 tracks done but the number of tracks is up to you.  Some people get 3.

     *A track is a mini braid that is braiding horizontally across your head that the weave is sewn into.  I get one where I pull my hair up half way and one an inch or so below that.  Don’t braid all the way to your ears leave about an inch or so of space between your hair and the braid.  The salon should know this so don’t worry but they may ask your opinion.

     *Price per track varies but mine is $10/track or $20 if I go to a nicer salon but hey it’s just hair braiding.

    *The hair/weave/extensions are literally sewn into the braid.  They don’t fall out.  You don’t have to put them in every day.  You can wash them as normal and style as normal.  You can even go get a haircut and get them layered in but I just trim the ends a little and I’m good to go.  The braid will simply grow down and you can go back to get it sewn up again.  Super easy and low maintenance!

Disclaimer: Just don’t go crazy in the ocean because you will have a tangled hot mess to deal with!

Hope y’all love my new extensions and go try it yourself!  Let me know if y’all have questions.  Happy to help!

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