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Life is more fun in color + Alizé summer cocktail recipes


I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! The four day weekend was amazing.  We had a girls night over the weekend and celebrated making some fun MDW cocktails.  Not only were we wearing red, white, and blue, we were drinking it, because life is more fun in color!  As Taylor Swift says, “But we were in screaming color”.  We’re going to share our two favorite Alizé cocktail recipes with you below!

We picked up some Red Passion and Gold Passion Alizé for our cocktails because Alizé is intensely unique. Alize liqueurs infuse premium French Vodka with luscious exotic fruits flavors. Alizé Red Passion blends passion fruit and the all-natural juices of fresh, tangy cranberries with premium French Vodka.  Alizé is delicious on the rocks or served in martinis, cosmopolitans, margaritas and mimosas.  We made a few recipes and definitely have our favorite!

The first recipe we tried was the Red Carpet!  Simply add champagne to the Red Passion Alizé and voila!  Then we decided to go a little stronger and mixed vodka with the Red Passion Alizé.  Can you guess which one was our favorite?  Hint – it’s the vodka.  What we call a Party Crasher!

If you’re ever at a loss of what to do for girls night.  Just invite the girls over, set out some alcohol, and have fun creating new recipes.  As you an tell we had so much fun mixing up drinks and adding our own touches.  You can also learn a little bit about your friends like who knows how to use a shaker and who doesn’t (cough cough Lindsay!) haha I’m sure it was the pressure of the video camera. I feel like we should have filmed the entire night… Cocktails with Khloe VGB!  However, we did film the drink recipes for your viewing pleasure. (wink)!  Have so much fun creating your own cocktails and let us know which one was your fave!




For more information on the full line of Alizé products go to  Make sure to go check them out on Facebook: AlizéTwitter: @AlizeInColor, and Instagram: @AlizeInColor!


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This post was sponsored on behalf of Alizé Passion. All opinions stated are my own.