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How To Spend A Day in Hamburg

Looking for the perfect one day Hamburg itinerary? Here's how to spend 24 hours in Hamburg, Germany with fun things to do and the best attractions!


It’s no secret that Hamburg is one of the prettiest cities in Germany and if you’re lucky enough to get to visit, you’re in for a treat!

Given that there is so much to do in the country, you might only get one day to see Hamburg. In that case, we’ve rounded up the perfect one-day itinerary where we’ve included the absolute best attractions and things to do in the city.


Here’s our one-day Hamburg itinerary:

Check out the City Hall (Hamburg Rathaus)

No visit to Hamburg is complete without checking out its city hall. This enormous building was made to reflect the union of Germany and contains a whopping 647 rooms! The fun thing, though, is that the building is so huge that new rooms keep getting discovered.

Inside, you’ll find short-term exhibitions which visitors can check out for free, but you can also take an hour-long tour of the Rathaus if you want to learn more about the building.


Travel the world at Miniatur Wunderland

If you’re into quirky stuff, then a visit to Miniatur Wunderland is a must on your Hamburg itinerary.

In here, you’ll find scale models of Germany, Austria, the US, Switzerland, Italy and more – all which you can visit by hopping on a train!


Have a Dialogue in the Dark

Here’s an attraction that will stay in your mind forever.

You’ll navigate a series of attractions and challenges inside a museum. Sounds simple, right? Here’s the catch: You’ll be completely blindfolded and it’ll be up to you, your senses, and your guide to get you through.

Dialogue in the Dark was created by Andreas Heinecke to put visitors in the shoes of blind people and create awareness.

Stroll the Jungfernstieg

Take a stroll on this waterfront promenade to get a taste of Hamburg’s most dynamic area. Lined by shops, cafés, and some of the city’s oldest buildings, you’ll hardly run out of things to do here!


Have a few drinks at St Pauli

No Hamburg itinerary is complete without visiting one of Hamburg’s most famous areas, St Pauli. Lined by graffiti, neon lights, and a hell of a lot of bars, this rebellious neighborhood is a must for music lovers and those who love all things alternative. What makes St Pauli such a popular place is The Reeperbahn, the city’s infamous red light district: think strip clubs of all sorts, and um… yeah. Not for everyone, but an interesting night out, for sure!

Check out the Elbphilharmonie

If you’re up for something a bit classier than the Reeperbahn, then a concert at one of the most acoustically advanced venues should do!

The Elbphilharmonic is Hamburg’s tallest building and host to the Elbphilharmonie Orchestra. If you love music and you get the chance, you should definitely see them play! Book in advance, though, as getting tickets tends to be challenging.