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15 things to do in new york city

15 Things To Do In New York City

15 things to do in new york city

Hii! Schelliam here. We’ve put together a few things to do in New York City. While viewing this list you will find that some of these are cliche but remember to embrace the iconic value. Also, we are artists so this list is curated towards the artistic type.

1. Museum of Sex

15 to dos in nyc 9

The Museum of Sex is AMAZING and a MUST MUST Do. Yes, a double must.

They have a Booby Bouncy Castle, a Penis and various other body parts climbing wall, and tons of amazing art from the world of sex, including some video of the very first Porn Star. SO interesting and SO going to be one of your fave things about the city.

P.S. This probably isn’t very family friendly. 😉


15 to dos in nyc 7

We’re pretty sure MOMA is the coolest museum ever – it’s massive and full of modern, famous, and contemporary art.

Seeing Art in real life is not the same as seeing it in a book or online.

3. Times Square

15 to dos in nyc 1GRH_5583

Times Square might already be on your Bucket List – as it should be. We have to say that Schellie got claustrophobic and a bit annoyed with the crowded-ness at night time but it was still worth the visit and a total must, as photo opportunities are off the chain. So many people dressed up like the Statue of Liberty and cartoon characters. While you’re there, eat like a local and a tourist alike – grab some street food!

4. Wax Museum

15 to dos in nyc 3

We LOOOOOOOVE Wax Museums. Seriously, they sound kinda dorky and lame but they are the most fun and trippiest thing ever. Being in a room full of wax celebrities and live moving people is really surreal and can sometimes be a scare. You know, when someone that you thought was wax suddenly begins moving. WHOA.

Plus, did you ever think you’d get the chance to see Marilyn Monroe’s boobs so up close and personal?

Plus plus, you might find out that you’re taller than your fave celeb after standing next to them and will walk out with a confidence boost. Or you know, whatever.

5. B H Photo Video

15 to dos in nyc 2

B H Photo Video is definitely a must if you’re a photographer. This is the largest non chain photo and video store in the United States. We hear it’s 70,000 Sq Ft. It’s huge AF, with an escalator between two floors. They have conveyor belts running all over the ceilings and tons of friendly Jews working there. It takes up like a whole block. GO, photographers, GO.

6. Top of the Rock

15 to dos in nyc 5

Top of the Rock has THE most iconic view ever – of the Empire State Building and Central Park. Pretty much a 360 of NYC. You make an appointment beforehand so you don’t have to stand in a loooooong line. Another perk? Top of the Rock is at none other than Rockefeller Center, DUH. You get to turn two to-dos into one.

7. Empire State Building

15 to dos in nyc 13

The Empire State Building is one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World and stood as the tallest building for around 40 years. You have to go.

Standing in this line is awful. Like, 4 hours of awful.

But you can’t leave New York without going to the Empire State Building. This building is Iconic as all get out… Thanks, Gossip Girl. 😉 LOLZ.

8. Guggenheim Museum

15 to dos in nyc 10

As if the Guggenheim‘s architecture wasn’t enough reason to visit, it’s location is amazing too. It’s across from Central Park. The art inside is interesting, too.

9. Brooklyn Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge was the first of its kind and is worth a visit. Great views from here.

10. Statue of Liberty – Cruising Style

15 to dos in nyc 11

If you can’t go inside the Statue of Liberty or right up to it, you can always cruise past the pretty baby. Doing this, you’ll get to see much more than just it, including some gorgeous cityscapes, bridges, and the One World Trade Center.

11. Central Park

15 to dos in nyc 12

With tons of green space, cityscapes, cool architecture, beautifully lined sidewalks, recognizable movie scenes, performers, artists, Strawberry Fields, and more, Central Park HAS to be on your list of musts. Seriously. Just take a stroll.

12. New Museum

15 to dos in nyc 8

With a cool shape, kinda like a wedding cake, and nice roof top view, The New Museum is boomin’ with installations, interactive art, and contemporary art.

13. Grand Central Station

15 to dos in nyc 15

The above couple is not us – this is from a Friendors Inspiration Collaboration we, Six Hearts Photography, photographed while there.

Grand Central Station is gorgeous – high ceilings, beautiful paintings, amazing architecture, lots of bustling about. And food!

14. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

15 to dos in nyc 14

The MET is one of those museums you’re supposed to go to – so go.

15. Take the Subway

15 to dos in nyc 4

Taking the subway is an experience in and of itself and it’s a total must. You may get confused and maybe upset or mad or embarrassed but it will feel so awesome when you conquer it with your brains (and your smart phone apps). You’ll leave feelin’ like a true New Yorker.

What have you done in NYC? Share with us in the comments! 🙂

xoxo, Schelliam