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How Constant Traveling Affects Your Skin

Traveling from one metropolis to another, doing business with global clients, or following your dream of being a digital nomad sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? Your skin, however, might disagree. As wonderful as it may be to hop from one spot to another, the constant environment and time-zone changes can have a profound effect on your entire body – all of which can be quickly reflected on your complexion.

More often than not, frequent travelers have disrupted sleeping patterns, and not to mention the lack of anything resembling a beauty routine. Yet, ladies, don’t despair, you can nip this beauty issue right in the bud and help your skin travel more comfortably in the future!

Keep hydrated


If you are a regular flyer, your skin will suffer from the lack of humidity that your body is normally used to. As such, it can cause your skin to be dryer than usual, and that in turn tends to lead to other long-term issues. From chapped lips, to flaky skin, you will have your hands full of dryness to combat with the right hydration methods.

For starters, you should make sure that you replenish your body with plenty of fresh water and steer clear of coffee, tea, and sugary sodas. These may keep your energy levels up for longer, but they will wreak havoc on your already dehydrated skin. Bring a plane-friendly moisturizer for your hands as well, because you should care for those pretty fingers, too!

Get the swelling under control

Another common side-effect of frequent traveling, especially if you’re taking on long flights or road-trips is the swelling and puffiness. The lack of humidity combined with too much passivity leads to fluid retention, which causes that puffy look, both around your eyes, as well as in your legs.

If possible, you should keep moving whenever you get a chance – which is also a great idea if you work in an office, so move around for about ten minutes after an hour of sitting. Avoid crossing your legs, and do some light stretching and mobilize your joints when you can, and this will help boost your circulation.

Retain a youthful look


Even if you’re madly in love with your travel itinerary, you have to admit that not every travel plan goes without a hitch, and some of them tend to be quite stressful. Add to that the low humidity, too much sitting down as well as poor sleep, and your skin will undoubtedly suffer from such circumstances. This often leads to premature signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, hence the need to do your best to keep your skin happy and radiant.

Make sure you include natural skincare items on your travel beauty essentials, ones that will pack a punch against those stressful environmental effects of frequent travel. Choose natural ingredients that will nourish your skin, moisturize, and protect against various kinds of damage. Think: various natural oils, antioxidant-packed lotions, and deep-cleansing scrubs to prevent clogged pores right after a long flight.

Banish breakouts

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You might think that such conditions of dry air could only lead to dry skin. However, our bodies can work in rather strange ways, and not enough moisture can be an excellent example. When your skin doesn’t get enough moisture, it tends to produce too much sebum to compensate, thus leading to various skin troubles, from an unfortunate zit, to a full-blown case of adult acne. You don’t need to let it that far out of hand, as even a smidgen of prevention can go a long way in healing your pores.

A relatively simple way to keep this under control is to always have wet wipes at hand during your travels. Whether you spend hours waiting for your next flight or the temperature outside can cause you to sweat too much, you should use a simple cleansing tool to keep the dirt buildup at bay and prevent clogged pores. After you land, you can use your scrubs and cleansing lotions to maximize the effects, but simple preventative measures may often be all you need!

Empower your beauty sleep


No, we’re not talking about eye masks to help you sleep more soundly during an overnight flight, although they might be of help especially if you have trouble sleeping. This time, we’re focusing on the best overnight beauty masks you can apply during your flight and let them work their magic on your wonderful skin to wake up refreshed and stunning!

As masking during a flight becomes a growing trend, you’ll have greater access to transparent masks that won’t leave any marks on your neck pillow, and thus serve to deliver greater comfort during travel. Use soothing masks to give you a plump, glowing look even before you land to protect your pores from the difficulties of long travel sessions.