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Hartley Bear turns 6

My sweet little perfect angle of a fur baby turned 6 this week! And what do you do when your pupster turns 6 you ask?  Why throw the most amazing doggy bark day party ever!!! Balloons, treats, family and friends, pictures, burger cake, and doggy play mates!  Hartley bear had 3 new outfits so of course we did 3 outfit changes.  She had a cupcake treat for breakfast because duh.  And she even blew out her own candle!  You’ll see special appearances from le parentals below!  I really have the best parents ever!

She wasn’t too amused with her new winter coat #OOTD and early morning pic but she’s not a morning person (like mother like daughter). #furbabyproblems

and of course we did a pink themed party!  So enjoy puppy and pink overload!!!

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