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Basic Italian Phrases To Know Before You Visit Italy

Traveling to Italy soon?

Learning a new language is hard, especially if you only plan on using it for one trip! Chances are, you don’t really have the time to learn Italian before your flight to Italy, but knowing a few phrases is always useful.

On this post, we share some basic Italian phrases that will come in extremely handy when visiting Italy!

Basic Italian phrases to know before your holiday to Italy! From how to say hello in Italian to other useful phrases, this guide will help you get around Italy!

Basic Italian Phrases:


Useful phrases to know

Hello – Ciao

Goodbye – Ciao! (Yep – Ciao is both used to say hello and goodbye!)

See you later – Arrivederci

Please – Per favore

Thank you – Grazie

You’re welcome – Grazie

Good morning – Buongiorno

Good evening – Buonasera

Goodbye – Arrivederci or Addio

Yes – Si

No – No

Pardon me – Scusami

How are you? – Come sta?

Do you speak English? – Parli inglese?

Where is the bathroom? – Dov’è la toilette?

Where is the train station – Dove si trova la stazione ferroviaria?

Where is the bus station – Dove si trova la stazione degli autobus?

When is the bus/train leaving? – Quando parte l’autobus/el treno?



Wine -Vino

Red wine – Vino rosso

White wine – Vino bianco

I’m vegetarian – Sono vegetariano

I’m vegan – Sono vegano

I’m allergic to ____ – Sono allergico a alle _____


Basic Numbers

One – Uno

Two – Due

Three – Tre

Four – Quattro

Five – Cinque

Six – Sei

Seven – Sette

Eight – Otto

Nine – Nove

Ten – Dieci

Twenty – Venti

Thirty – Trenta

Forty – Quaranta

Fifty – Cinquanta

Sixty – Sessanta

Seventy – Settanta

Eighty – Ottanta

Ninety – Novanta

One hundred – Cento


And that’s Italian 101! Are there any other useful Italian phrases you want to know? Let me know in the comments section below!