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Bucket List Experiences in the USA That You Can Do This Winter

Wondering what to do this winter? If you're looking for unique experiences and new adventures to try in the snow, here are some ideas for your winter bucket list! #USA #Winter

When the trees shred off their leaves, cold breezes send shivers down your body and streets are all covered in snow. It might be time for the majority of people to get under covers and spend their maximum time indoors till the long night of winter is over. But that is not the case for outdoorsy people as their souls thrive for the adventure even in the coldest of these days. So wait no further, put on your winter dress accessories you bought from the black Friday sale and set your foot out to take something off your bucket list this December.

Ice Skating

Frozen lakes call for the ice skaters with their tremendous scenic beauty. But even if you got none around you, put on the blades and skate on the nearest rinks. With time, ice skating rinks have become quite common all over the United States which were once limited to New York. So, if you already know how to glide around the rink well and good but if not, now is the time to learn a new skill. No excuse left anymore, right?

Snow Kayaking

People who have done kayaking might know the game but the only difference is that this time it is the gravity giving you the thrust instead of the water waves. To describe it in a sentence I would say it’s Sledging with the flair of Kayaking or vice versa. As you move downhill on the snow, paddles are used to steer your kayak to avoid any hindrance. This extreme winter sport is gaining quite a popularity in the Northern US and some parts of Europe. Choose open pistes for starters and as you master the art you can take it to wild slopes.

Bon Fire

For people looking for some outdoor fun but not in the adventure spirit; this one is for them. All you need to do is to gather a few kindling and send an invitation to all of your friends. Yes, it’s that simple. Plan some other fun activities to do on the bonfire along the songs cause that one is a must. So, don’t forget to invite the guitarist in your circle.

SUP Yoga

When the majority of lakes are frozen and rest are too cold to swim, Park City of Utah provides you an opportunity you don’t wanna miss at all. One of a kind Homestead Crater hides a treasure of mineral enriched geothermal spring. The temperature of the water stays at a constant temperature of 92 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit, just like you want it. And the opening of the cave let the sunshine in, making it a perfect spot for meditation. So book a paddle for a yoga class before all the seats get filled.

Mountain coasters

These cousins of roller coasters recently gained a lot of popularity because of the videos on the social sites where you can see people sliding through the mountains at a single person track. Though the idea originated from Europe, they have got quite new openings in the United State too. Even so, the speed of these coasters is about 30 miles per hour but it will surely satisfy your hunger for adventure.

Winter Rafting

If you are waiting for summers to go again for rafting, then maybe your prayers are answered. Because rafting has been introduced as a winter sport in multiple countries around the globe. Though the calmness of rivers in winter makes rafting sound like a boring thing, the fear of falling into the freezing water and the long sights of snow make sure you don’t miss the fun. For people looking for a spot to try this new thing, Michigan’s Big Bear Park is highly recommended.


The name of this sport comes from the Norwegian word skikjøring meaning ski driving. The spirit of this game is similar to the water skiing but this time water is replaced with snow and it’s the dogs pulling you off instead of a boat. Though it is often taken as a competitive sport you can adopt it as past time leisure and see where it takes you.

Shovel Racing

This one is a must-try for all fun-loving people. No expertise required. All you need is a shovel to compensate your butt as you slide down the snowy hill. And things get a lot more interesting when it is the competition involving all of your mates. Either you win or lose, but you will surely get an evening full of laughter.


Life is too short to spend it in the house and wait for the right time to try out a new thing. There are always going to be some financial and emotional constraints holding you back. But if it’s not now, it is never going to happen tomorrow either. So make up your mind and start prepping for a couple of things to uncheck a few adventures in your bucket list.