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3 Restaurants to try in Boston

3 places to eat Boston

On a recent trip to Boston, I had some of the best dinners!  Whether you’re visiting or you live there, these places are so great you have to try them!

1. Old Creek Oyster Bar

This restaurant has become a tradition when visiting Boston. It has the best oysters and you MUST GET THE BUTTERMILK BISCUIT.  You’re going to want one just for yourself. This is no average biscuit. It’s a biscuit on steroids drizzled with a honey butter concoction and it’s amazing. The Lobster Roe Noodles is my favorite dish on the menu.  I love Ethel’s Lobster Roll too because they don’t skimp on the lobster.  If you’re looking for a lighter meal that’s not so heavy the scallops are a good choice.  Although I would have loved some risotto with them.  

Boston eats

The ambiance is rustically adorable and cocktails are a must. Try at least one of their homemade drinks. The specialty cocktail menu changes daily.

Photo via Island Creek Oyster Bar



Oh and Dear Old Creek Oyster Bar, bring back the Strawberry Shortcake Donut (hopefully someone up there will read this)!!

2. The Salty Pig

Photo via The Salty Pig


This menu is more adventurous. When I first looked at it, I got a little nervous about what to order.  It’s like a charcuterie meets Italian restaurant. Confusing, right? Start with building your own charcuterie plate, 3 steps:

  1. Salty Pig Parts – pick your meat selection. The Saucission Sec Salami was good and the Pig Head Mortadella was ok, think it was more mental on the name of that meat. 
  2. Stinky Cheese – pick your cheese. I love all cheese but I highly recommend the Crottin, Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese and the Campo de Montalban. 
  3. Round Out The Plate – pick your compliments. You can’t go wrong with the Vermont Wildflower Honey and the Fig Jam Jalapeno Jelly. Olives, take them or leave them. 
As for entrees, this is where things get tricky because I didn’t recognize any of the pasta dishes. Our waiter said that we must try the pasta and save pizza for another time. Glad we listened to him. It was such a different type of pasta than I’ve ever had before but it was absolutely delicious. The Tonnarelli & the Maltagliati is where it’s at (2 different dishes). I got the SP Burrato as well and it was a fresh, upgraded version of tomato caprese. It comes with a big ole piece of mozzarella cheese and juicy heirloom tomatoes.  I would recommend sharing with others and not getting it as your main meal.  Definitely worth trying!
Photo via The Salty Pig


This restaurant is smaller and has limited seating but they have a great outdoor patio that could be enjoyed on the right evening. 

Photo via The Salty Pig

3. Row 34

After a few days in Boston, my heart was set on ending the trip with a lobster roll. The warm buttered lobster roll on the menu was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you ROW 34 for making my dreams come true. If you ever have the option for a warm buttered lobster roll, take it and don’t look back. You won’t regret it. I highly recommend getting the Steamed Mussels with red curry and cilantro. This was a different sauce than the mussels I’ve had before but it was delightfully different with a little bit of a kick.

The decor at ROW 34 is more contemporary and industrial but another great spot. The entrees are smaller portions so if you’re really hungry, look at adding some sides to your order. The rolls on the menu will be plenty of food.

My motto….


Bon Appetite Boston! Do you have any favorite restaurants in Boston I need to hit up next time I am in town?