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Why You Should Visit The U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Did you ever dream of becoming an astronaut? If not, you must have had a fondness for space when you were little or perhaps a fan of star wars. Whatever it is, there are a lot of people fond of space and its endless mysteries especially in their childhood years, dreaming of landing on the moon, intergalactic travels, and spaceships. All these things come to life when you visit the rocket city, Huntsville, in Alabama, USA.

This city has the most unique NASA facility in the whole country, U.S. Space and Rocket Center. The place offers a lot of opportunities for the tourists to interact with the space technology where you could actually feel like an astronaut. Now, apart from that, there are other bunch of reasons why this facility is the perfect place to visit at least once in your lifetime. So, here’s a list of cool things that this place has to offer.

Why You Should Visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Space camp programs

Well, we earlier told you that you could feel like an Astronaut in a space station. It is true, the facility has space camps that offer any person from the age of 9 and above to have a customized experience as an astronaut. You can choose any role from the station engineer to the station scientist and relate to the astronauts that carry out these operations in space with assistance from a crew trainer.

There are a lot of programs lasting up to a week. Another interesting thing about this facility is that it has trained a lot of people in space operations and some even went on and became actual astronauts. Highly recommended to opt for a program and see for yourself.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Space museum

There is also a space museum in the place where the history of the country’s space exploration can be learned. There are many attractions at the museum like the virtual reality equipment present at the museum to enhance the experience and immerse you in the world of space exploration.

Plus, you can also check out the gravity differences between several massive bodies like the moon and other planets and also get to see the biggest rocket ever, the Saturn V that was involved in the Apollo missions.

Training on Multi-Access Trainor

The visit would be incomplete if you miss out on the Multi-access trainer, this is a simulator machine based on the actual simulators that provide training to the American astronauts. The machine is perfectly safe and fun to ride. It’s safe to say that it doesn’t get you dizzy or spin one just has a fluid experience with gravity. So highly recommended to try out while you’re there also check out the 1/6th chair which lets you walk around with the mon gravity.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center

Mission Traveling to Mars

The simulated travel to Mars is the coolest experience that one can have at the place. It takes place in a simulated environment to control and send the first crew to Mars. The control room lets control the mission with extreme precautions.

There are also simulated anomalies for the trainees to manage the station affairs during the activities. The experience is truly engaging as it involves all the crew members reacting efficiently while in a safe, constructive simulated environment and would surely stimulate your brain productively making it a fun and educational experience.

Aviation Challenge

The aviation challenge is kind of a leadership camp that the facility offers for the kids and adults that come to the camps. It involves all the military operations involving aviation operations on simulated jet fighters like F-18 and F-15 Eagles. You get to sit in the simulated cockpit and learn about other survival tricks if lost in the wild just having a taste of life for the military training. It is really. The whole experience keeps your brain stimulated throughout the process and should be a smart option if you are someone who likes these interesting things.

Highly Customizable Programs

If you are thinking that this NASA facility is just for kids or any specific age, you might want to reconsider it. The facility is equipped with all the programs that are fully customized for eight-year-olds to adults. If you are an adult choose a program that offers a little more mental stimulation and informational experience. If you are there with kids, you can opt for a more family-friendly program that suits your needs. There is a lot to learn with all these customized programs with your friends and family

The Ambiance

The other reason for visiting this coolest largest NASA facility is the ambiance it offers. During the experience, you are bound to meet a lot of people while you share these experiences.

The place has a fairly comfortable arrangement for you to stay in. There are bunk beds for adults and youngsters and rooms for the entire family. The food in the cafeteria is also good considering the variety and quality. It’s the perfect spot if you’re in the mood for something more energizing.

The US Space and Rocket Center is the closest you can get to experience space without ever leaving the planet! You’ll love to experience all the cool things astronauts do in a simulated safe space. The immersive experience is good for all ages of people with the kids being inspired and adults experiencing space travel. This place stimulates your intellectual curiosity with all the attractions this facility has to offer. There should not be any reason for depriving yourself of the zesty space adventure!

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Want to learn all about space and visit Mars? In Huntsville, Alabama, it's possible, and here are all the reasons you must visit U.S. Space and Rocket Center! #Huntsville #Alabama