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Black Content Creators You Should Follow on Instagram to Diversify your Feed

The influencer and blogger worlds still have a long way to go when it comes to inclusivity, so we decided to make a list of black-owned content creators on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and blogs to diversify your feed!

Influencers have been using their voice on social media to promote diversity, racial justice, and equality. And in this day and age, it鈥檚 more important than ever that we support these voices, which is why I gathered a list of incredibly talented and Black-owned content creators you should start following on Instagram today.


Black Content Creators You Should Follow on Instagram to Diversify your Feed

I will always love my friends Dayna Bolden, Jasmine Crockett, Aaronica Cole, Sebastien, Nikka Shae, Reggie, Crystal, Danasia, Marie Denee, Aseky Bonnaire, Alicia, and Trina just to name a few, so make sure to follow them and say hi. They are amazing content creators!

Here are a few more Black content creators you can follow!


1. Lee Litumbe (@spiritedpursuit)


Ver esta publicaci贸n en Instagram


Una publicaci贸n compartida por Lee Litumbe 馃嚚馃嚥馃嚭馃嚫 (@spiritedpursuit) el 17 de Abr de 2020 a las 11:35 PDT

Lee Litumbe is the creative director and founder of–a digital platform where she plasters her unbelievable traveling experiences around the world. A few years back, the Cameroonian-American creator quit her corporate finance job and started exploring Africa. She felt there was a need for more people to share their stories of traveling to Africa and capturing the beauty of this vast continent. And with the help of her platform and her Instagram page, she鈥檚 putting Africa and her cultural heritage on the map.

Follow Lee on Instagram


2. Kiitan A (@kiitana)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por Kiitan A. (@kiitana) el 5 de Jun de 2020 a las 11:18 PDT

Kiitan A is a New York City-based digital content creator who鈥檚 currently living in Los Angeles. Her Instagram is flooded with hair tutorials that are not only creative but super easy to try at home. She also posts fashion lookbooks and travel stories on her IGTV series. Kiitan also happens to be the founder of Atarah Avenue, an online store that offers some of the most beautiful headwraps you鈥檝e ever seen.

Follow Kittan on Instagram


3. Kara Roselle S (@kararoselles)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por Kara Roselle S. (@kararoselles) el 8 de Sep de 2019 a las 8:31 PDT

Kara Roselle S., is a New York City-based artist who loves to flaunt her mix style of sporty sweatsuits and feminine garments on Instagram. She also promotes her artwork, which is inspired by her Native American and African roots, on her website. So, if you鈥檙e looking to redecorate and you want to buy one of her spectacular art pieces, then click here to support her.

Follow Kara on Instagram or check out her website


4. Imani Randolph (@champagnemani)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por Imani Randolph, not Rudolph 馃檭 (@champagnemani) el 19 de May de 2020 a las 11:40 PDT

Imani Randolph is a model for Jag Models who calls herself a 鈥渞eal down to Mars honeybun.鈥 She鈥檚 also a freelancer for the Danish brand Ganni. Imani is quickly taking over the fashion scene as a stylist and model, so the next time you鈥檙e shopping for a Sandy Liang anorak, you might see Imani鈥檚 face on the ads.

Follow Imani on Instagram


5. Francesca Murray (@onegrloneworld)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por Francesca 鈥 One Girl One World (@onegrloneworld) el 28 de Jun de 2020 a las 12:30 PDT

Francesca Murray considers herself an advocate of self-love. If she looks familiar, then you may have seen her work on the Washington Post and Forbes. Her Instagram not only provides some impressive scenic views of beaches and sunsets, but she also posts travel, skincare, and natural hair tips too. This Cali girl has traveled to different countries and has been pretty much everywhere, but she now focuses mostly on the Caribbean. So get ready to get some serious wanderlust!

Follow Francesca on Instagram


6. Arnell Armon (@arnell.armon)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por Arnell (@arnell.armon) el 26 de Jun de 2020 a las 12:48 PDT

Arnell Armon loves all things beauty and lifestyle, which is why the beauty influencer鈥檚 Instagram and YouTube channel is full of entertaining and informative photos and videos related to fashion, lifestyle, and hair. Arnell teaches viewers all sorts of tricks, from how to install a 28鈥 lace frontal wig, to how to get ready in just 10 minutes. She鈥檚 also known for recreating celebrity looks like Nicki Minaj and even Billie Eilish, so make sure to follow this highly informative and entertaining creator!

Follow Arnell on Instagram or check out some of her videos


7. Temiloluwa Otedola (@temiotedola)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por Temiloluwa Otedola (@temiotedola) el 12 de Abr de 2020 a las 9:04 PDT

Temiloluwa Otedola is a Nigerian-born, London-raised lifestyle blogger who often talks about fashion, beauty, and art. She鈥檚 also the founder of JTO, a platform she uses to talk about her adventures through fashion, art, travel, and photography. She also mixes her love for Africa and the Western world in her styles, so if you want more culture in your feed, follow her!

Follow Temiloluwa on Instagram or visit her website

8. Evita Robinson (@evierobbie)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por Evita Turquoise Robinson (@evierobbie) el 30 de May de 2020 a las 6:16 PDT

Evita Robinson is known for many things. She鈥檚 a travel and culture advocate; a community curator; a producer and host; and the founder of Nomadness Travel Tribe, a travel lifestyle brand that also launched Audacity Fest, the first travel festival for millennial travelers of color. Some of Evita鈥檚 accolades also include National Geographic鈥檚 21 Most Visionary Women Throughout Travel History. And she continues to travel while working on her first book and developing her own travel television show.

Follow Evita on Instagram or visit her website


9. Jessica Nabongo (@thecatchmeifyoucan)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por Jessica Nabongo 馃嚭馃嚞馃嚭馃嚫 (@thecatchmeifyoucan) el 1 de Jul de 2020 a las 7:59 PDT

Jessica Nabongo is a Ugandan-American travel blogger and brand influencer who has the prestige honor of being the first black woman to have traveled to every country on the planet. Her Instagram epitomizes three of her favorite things in the world; travel, fashion, and beauty. So, make sure to check out her page to sprinkle your feed with a dash of positivity.

Follow Jessica on Instagram


10. Tamu McPherson (@tamumcpherson)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por All the Pretty Birds (@tamumcpherson) el 24 de Abr de 2020 a las 9:33 PDT

Tamu McPherson was born in Jamaica, raised in New York, and currently calls Milan, Italy, her home. And her Instagram followers love her account which not only highlights new brands that support the Black community, but she also showcases her incredible style. She鈥檚 also the founder of All The Pretty Birds, a fashion and wellness editorial platform that promotes multi-cultural and multi-ethnic views. Her hope is to enrich the lives of her followers and encourage them to realize their best selves in a productive way. Now that sounds like the kind of gal we all collectively need in our feeds, don鈥檛 you think?

Follow Tamu on Instagram or read her blog


11. Karina Marriott (@styleidealist)


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Una publicaci贸n compartida por Karina 馃専 Midsize Style Inspo (@styleidealist) el 26 de Jun de 2020 a las 8:40 PDT

Karina Marriott is a self-proclaimed 鈥渢hirty-something Bristolian with a love for midi dresses, color, and dogs.鈥 The fashion blogger, who鈥檚 originally from Bristol in the UK, writes about life, love, and self-confidence in your thirties. In 2015, she created The Style Idealist blog to infuse the two things she loves the most鈥攆ashion and writing. She hopes to inspire, encourage, and empower women to embraced and love all those things that make them who they are and how to deal with the highs and lows of life the best way possible.

In her own words, she wrote on her site, 鈥淵ou鈥檒l find everything from curated high-street pieces to well-considered investment pieces for mid-size women, beauty recommendations, my self-discovery journey and a whole lot of self-confidence, self-acceptance, career and relationship chat.鈥 Her Instagram is also loaded with beautiful French-style milkmaid dresses, classy hairstyles, lifestyle, and beauty tips, so make sure to check her out!

Follow Karina on Instagram or read her blog



What other black-owned content creators do you know? Let us know!

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