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Become a full-time creator even with ZERO followers!

Become a full-time creator even with ZERO followers!

What is UGC?

If you’re just dabbling in the influencer world, you’re probably hearing the term “UGC” flying around a lot. UGC stands for User-Generated Content. It refers to any form of content, such as photos, videos, reviews, testimonials, and social media posts, that is created by regular users or content creators instead of professionally created by brands.

UGC has become really important due to the rise of authenticity on social media. What better way to do that than use their users’ content. As a new influencer, understanding and utilizing UGC can be highly beneficial for your online presence and brand because you can get paid JUST for creating for a brand’s page. Your follower count doesn’t matter at 👏🏼 all 👏🏼 .

UGC Advantages for brands

UGC provides several advantages for brands. Firstly, it adds credibility to their brand. When users see content created by real people who have used their products or services, they are more likely to trust and be influenced by that content. AKA more likely to buy! Brands are seeing much higher conversion rates on their products when they promote with UGC rather than a professional photo shoot.

Additionally, UGC helps them engage with their audience on a deeper level. It encourages conversation, interaction, and participation, as users feel involved and valued. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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Furthermore, UGC can save brands time and effort in content creation. Instead of hiring a photographer for $5k, setting up a scene, a full staff for a photo shoot, professional photography equipment, etc, brands are paying creators like you to create that content.


UGC University

If you love creating content but don’t yet have a large following, you need our new course UGC University! In this course, we show you the ropes on exactly how to do this, how to land deals, how to make a portfolio, and how to network and keep your calendar full of content creation gigs. (Note: this is what I do full time and I can make anywhere from $10-25k per month) 😱

Free Creators Class

I just launched a new creators class I’m so excited about where my goal is to help you make your first $100K as a content creator! It’s all about how to make it as a profitable creator in 2023. I help you create powerful pitches and unlock paid partnerships and share all about the creator economy. 

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