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A Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Inspired London Travel Guide

Want a unique list of things to do in London? We've put together a Mary Poppins inspired travel guide to London for those looking for hidden gems!

Our favorite nanny is back with new adventures on the film Mary Poppins Returns and London is again the star of the show!

Watching the film inspired us to head over to London to find all the film settings to reenact the adventures of our of fav British character and it was even more fun than we thought it’d be. We’ve put together this Mary Poppins-inspired travel guide that will take you through fun afternoon tea affairs, unique dining experiences, and an array of several themed settings that are practically perfect in every way!

Mary Poppins London tour guide


Where To Stay

The Milestone Hotel

The Milestone Hotel is a great place to stay in London! Set in a quintessential British mansion in front of Kensington Palace, this unique hotel features a number of different Mary Poppins-inspired activities. While here, you can fly a kite at Kensington Gardens just like our favorite nanny did, feed the birds, and have a spoon(full) of sugar afternoon tea!

The Ampersand Hotel

The Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington is one of the top 5 star boutique hotels in London. The luxury hotel rooms are inspired by the local London neighborhood (key to the film), with the design of its rooms referencing five central concepts: botany, music, geometry, ornithology and astronomy all of which also tie into Mary Poppins Returns. The Victorian values of discovery and wonder combine with a modern sense of whimsy to define all 111 rooms and suites, from the pattern of the V&A’s costume collection, to the Science Museum’s planets and phials, from the Natural History Museum’s ornithological drawings to the drama and ceremony of the Royal Albert Hall.

Where To Eat

The Ned

Originally an iconic bank in London, The Ned is a hotel that houses an array of restaurants and fabulous entertainment spaces where live jazz music is played around the clock. The area around The Ned is home to several filming sets of the movie, so make sure to take up the chance to explore after lunch!


The Ivy Kensington Brasserie

Adorned with swoon-worthy flower arrangements, this luxe restaurant is the ideal place to get a taste of British cuisine in the area where a number of scenes in the movie were filmed!


The Vaults

Another incredible place to dine is at The Vaults! Set in a labyrinth of railway arches under Waterloo station, this immersive theatre and dining experience is practically perfect for those who love all things art! You’ll get to sing, dance, and wine in an unparalleled setting in the city.


Sexy Fish

Perched in the corner of Berkley Square, visiting this Japenese restaurant will make you feel as though you’re dining underwater. You know, just like the whimsical underwater soirées in the film!



What To Do

Mary Poppins Afternoon Tea at the Milestone Hotel

No Mary Poppins itinerary would be complete without sipping tea with a spoonful of sugar! The Milestone Hotel is home to a new afternoon tea concept where you’ll get to pair your drink with a menu that is practically perfect if you have a sweet tooth! From chocolate pastries in the shape of Mary’s floral hat, “chimney sweeps” macaroons and many other sweet treats that will make you swoon!

london tea time

Go Fly a Kite At Kensington Gardens

Give kite-flying a go at Kensington Gardens while you hum to the lyrics of Go Fly a Kite.


Explore Some of the Most Famous Settings of the Film

One of our favorite things to do on our Mary Poppins tour was visiting some of the film’s most iconic locations around London! Climbing to the top of Saint Paul’s is a must (that scene where Jack bikes past the walls of the cathedral before arriving in the Bank’s house), or the Royal Exchange Bank, where Mary Poppins and the children head to return the briefcase. For more film settings, head over to this post: How To Tour London Like Mary Poppins.


Mary Poppins London tour guide


Have Cocktails at The Shard

A perfect place to take in the skyline of London from above (almost like you’re flying with an umbrella in hand!)

london shard

Experience Sketch (with a drink in hand!)

Set in a quirky 18t-century townhouse, this famous cocktail lounge features different themed-rooms, a stunning pink gallery, and restrooms that look like they came out of a spaceship!



Bonus: Get the official Mary Poppins activity pack here!

Mary Poppins activity pack