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The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations in the US

Looking for a romantic destination in the USA to celebrate Valentine's Day? If a romantic escape with your partner is on the plans, here are some of our favorite romantic getaway destinations in the United States! #USA

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everyone is looking for options to make their SO feel special. Wishing to make their unique bond stronger and everlasting. With goals to relive the old memories or make a new one. Whatever you are planning must be great, but there is nothing better than breaking a monotonous routine and going on a romantic couples trip. Just the two of you. Away from the hustle of everyday life and lost in a beautiful dreamy place sipping your favorite coffee, enjoying the local bands and all that with the best company that you can ever have. What else could be more romantic than this? So this year, let’s give your significant other a getaway they will never forget with these amazing Valentine’s Day destinations that we have picked for you.

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations

Miami, Florida

Miami is flooded with tourists all year round but February is a month reserved for loved ones. You will see couples from all age range enjoying the romantic weekend at the beach. There is that amazing opera performance reserved for this day at the famous The Betsy. Not to mention their sizzling steaks and authentic sea-food. And if you want a peaceful and exclusive dinner, go for the under the stars experience with vintage champagne and fancy meal followed by a romantic alone time at the oceanfront Villa.

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grand beach hotel Surfside Miami Beach

Palm Springs, California

The snow-capped San Jacinto Mountains and star-studded sky of the Palm Springs seduce every couple with its mesmerizing beauty. All of this place is knee-deep sunk in the spirit of love and intimacy. There are deals for dinners, spas, and theaters with a wide range of options for every kind and price. But our recommendation is to try The Fresh Grill Buffet at the well-known Fantasy Springs Resort Casino that serves the cuisines from around the world along with their mouth-watering red velvet cheesecake.

Palm Springs is one of the coolest Valentine's Day destinations

Lake Tahoe, California

Cuddling your love whilst enjoying the magnificent snowfall view from the cabin. Or maybe a little smooching in the Gondola on your way to for the mesmerizing view of this winter wonderland. Also, this place, surrounded by Heavenly Sierra Nevada Mountains, has so much to offer with numerous skiing, snowboarding and sledding options. But do check the road conditions before starting your trip and don’t forget to keep snow tires and chains in the truck.

Vail, Colorado

There is so much to do on Valentine’s Day in this picturesque town that you will have to wake up early to make sure you don’t miss anything. Start your day with a lovely breakfast at one of the locals café (believe me they all are fabulous). Then hop onto the skiing resorts to earn the “Skii Heart”; Valentine’s special deal. Followed by the snowshoe experience at the Vail Nordic Center that will give you a perfect backdrop for your Instagram pics. And unwind the tiredness of this busy day at Vail mountain lodge with the miraculous spa treatment. When done, end your splendid day with a romantic dinner at Terra Bistro and relish the beautiful moments.

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Vail Colorado

West Palm, Florida

West Palm is a stellar place for Valentine’s Day as it has numerous spots and events to level up the romance. If your other half is a music-addict, Kravis Center is for you. That holds a special evening of classical music on the 14th of Feb. But the best option of all is to have a taste of Royal life by reserving a Romance Package at Brazilian Court that spans for four nights in Brando suite. Of course, there is a hefty price tag associated with it but with all the perks that come along, it is totally worth it.

Nashville, Tennessee

Celebrate love in this beautiful city of Tennessee by laughing your night away at Blue Man Group. Or maybe enjoy your never-ending love of chocolate with a pinch of music, food, and drinks at Lightning 100’s chocolate affair. To have a fancy three-course dinner, head out to your nearest Frothy Monkey that is serving their special menu for this special day. And there is something for singles too; Cupid’s crawl. You might find your special one while walking down Broadway. You never know!

Nashville, Tennessee

New Orleans, Louisiana

This 300 years old city has the iconic architecture that will make you fall in love instantly. Strolling under the massive oaks of Garden District, while holding hands and going for long bike rides with your significant other will be something you will surely cherish. Also, there are live music venues scattered all around the city to make you guys have a couple-dance on the rhythmic beats. And dance your asses off to the hip-hop beats in NOLA. And as far as the food is concerned, New Orleans is among a few best food options in the US.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Unlike the popular opinion, this city has so much to offer other than its greeny golf courses. The place has magnificent views and alluring couple massage options making it a perfect escape for love birds. And the pretty moderate temperature is a huge plus. So, Why not treat yourself and the love of your life with luxurious resorts and fancy dining. So book yourself a candlelight dinner at Hearth ’61 before the reservations run out.

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Big Island, Hawaii

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this place the epitome of romance with above the clouds mountaintops, wild waterfalls, and intimate beaches. Canoodle your sweet pie on the bridge of Lili’uokalani Gardens, or maybe have Eskimo kisses on the scenic trail of Alaska Fall state park, it’s up to you but the Big Island of Hawaii won’t disappoint you in making your Valentine’s special. Also, the gorgeous site of Kona sunset is the perfect point to pop out the ‘special question’. Good luck with that!

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Joshua Tree, California

The picturesque sunsets and sunrises, the long but splendid trail, soothing orchestra of desert life; that’s what the Joshua Tree offers to every couple who steps in. Amid the vast, arid desert you can find several luxurious resorts to make your experience superb with stargazing yurt and elevated trailer. Moreover, the mesmerizing sites of Keys View, the Cholla Cactus Garden, and Barker Dam will surely leave you awe-struck. So if you are an outdoorsy couple, this is a perfect spot for you.

Looking to go somewhere special that’s not in the US? Check out Coco Plum Island in Belize.

Coco Plum Island, Belize

This all-inclusive resort is close to the US, on a private island that maxes out around 30 guests (meaning you rarely see people besides at dinner), with your own private beach house to spend all day with each other. Enjoy the complimentary water activities or lounge around cuddling in the over the water hammocks all day soaking up the sun and each other. There’s even a nude beach at the end of the island. Definitely the top of our list!

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