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7 Mind Blowing Blog Traffic Ideas Every Blogger Needs

Getting people to read your blog is key to making it a successful business, so if you're wondering how to get new readers to discover your blog, here are 7 amazing blog traffic ideas that work! #blogging

Every blogger knows that it is hard to develop a decent reader-base, sometimes coping up with everything gets really frustrating and that’s one of the reasons why 70% of blogs fail.

However, don’t worry because gathering the audience for your blog is not rocket science, it’s all about persistence. Here, I’m going to list out 9 tried and tested ways that will surely help you to drive more traffic to your blog and help you make it a profitable business!

But before moving forward, first, understand that there two types of traffic – Organic and paid.

Blog Traffic Ideas

Types of blog traffic:

Organic traffic

This is something that you get naturally or to put in other words that you get by investing your time not money.

Paid traffic

It’s majorly generated from some kind of advertising (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads, etc.) here, you put money to work for you and save your time.

Organic Blog Traffic Ideas:

In this article, I’m going to give you some blog traffic ideas to help you increase organic traffic, and trust me, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Blog Traffic Ideas

1. Craft long-form content and upload it frequently

Focus on producing in-depth content, this will ensure that readers visit your blog regularly to get valuable information. Plus, long posts will naturally have more variety of keywords so it will boost your SEO as well.

Just make sure that you don’t write unnecessary fluff in order to increase your word count, add only relevant and useful content. Further, try updating your blog more often. Maintain a frequency of 2-3 in-depth posts per week.

2. Include relevant keywords

Without proper keywords, the search engines will never know what your posts are written about, and as a result, they will end up being buried under hundreds of pages.

So, start doing proper keyword research, find relevant Long-tail (made up of 4 or more words) and targeted keywords, and craft your content around them.

3. Use Pinterest

If you use Pinterest correctly then, it can bring traffic to your blog from day one. Ideally, you should create the right number of boards, fill them with relevant content, and use proper keywords. This is the recommended way to get your pins discovered.

Moreover, for maximum clicks, ensure that you create and upload a bunch of pins every day with click-worthy titles and fresh designs.

4. Add social sharing buttons

Place social sharing buttons for major social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc at the bottom or top of your blog post, and encourage your readers to share your post.

In addition to that, request them to share your content in their online circle. For instance, if you write about health and wellness then, you can ask your readers to share your post on various health-related groups on Facebook which they are a part of.

Blog Traffic Ideas

5. Produce evergreen content

Evergreen content is basically SEO content that continues to be relevant even after a long time since its publication. So, with such posts, traffic generally grows over time.

Here are some common evergreen formats:

Lists, How-To, Tutorials, Reviews, Tips, etc.

Try to write and upload 3-4 in-depth evergreen posts for your blog each month.

6. Build your email list

Try to capture as many emails as you can by providing your readers some kind of freebie or subscription to something that you’ve created. It can be anything, a short ebook, a mini-course, Printable, etc.

The individuals who sign up will eventually become a permanent audience. You can send regular updates to your subscribers about new articles, courses, milestones, or anything personal that you want to share.

With time, if your subscribers find your work valuable then, they will share it in their circle which will bring even more traffic to your site.

7. Grab guest posting opportunities

Guest posting frequently not only establishes you as an expert in your niche but also helps you in getting free backlinks for your blog. Backlinks are really important to increase the domain authority (DA) of your blog, and higher DA means a higher rank on Google.

I hope that this article was helpful. Do you have any other blog traffic ideas? I would love to read them!